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Angry [M: ADR]

July 25, 2006 Tuesday 10:56 PM Angry [M: ADR]


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What is ADR? Ideally the sound quality of the re-dub should be better than the stuff you remove... but in this case the fact I record myself in a room with echoey walls makes the sound worse I think. But you get the idea.
I got home earlier today and wrote for a while about all the ideas. There were a lot of them. I hated the fact that I had to leave D street and leave my burrio half eaten and drink barely drunk. Waste of money. My stomack really began to hurt and I had to get home with a bike so I had to throw the food away. Bah. The whole day I felt like crying. Well, a good deal of it. I just get to thinking sometimes and I figure, "what the L is the point?" I'm surrounded by people everyday... and I'm getting annoyaned. But it's more about my outlook on social interaction than anything else. ... Can I teach myself Quantum? Why not? I taught myself some of relativity? ==== a replay from previous e mail > Hey Chris, > > I'm sorry she hurt your feelings. What do you want me to do? ===== to a friend of a friend whom hurt my feelings I'm not asking you to do anything but merely pointing out people in the world and their actions. Thinking of the whole world as a giant mechanical system for a moment we find many little detials that ether make things run smoother or coarser. As part of my life objectives I've ruled that I will watch this system and point out places in which things 'aren't right' regardless of action upon them. By dedicating my life to a scientific stand point I hope to shed light on how the world really is straight down to how basic people react to each other under any and all circumstances. Someday research might matter, and today someone else now knows someone whom is watching this world. Who is that someone? -chris mysterious and confusing on purpose.

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