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Bio Class Begins [M:IK Rig]

July 5, 2006 Wednesday Bio Class Begins [M:IK Rig]

IK Rig

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What does the Automatic IK Chain solver do in Blender? Well, the easiest way to know what it does is to click the button and find out. Here's a brief look at the open source 3D modeling application Blender on rig animation ghosting and IK chain solving.
10:50 AM My review cycle will be monthly. Maybe I'll finally see the diff in how much I do per month. It's a beginning isn't it? Thought a lot as I walked home from class. And stood to watch a workman tie a clamp to a giant pipe and have a big machine move it over. I noted him measuring the pipe for center of mass so that it could be swung easily. I enjoyed the show. And a bike with a motor attached was cool too. 11:02 AM It turns out that the Triangle Side Length deal is really easy if you break it into 6 littler problems. Percent Distance Take your step size for example. If you have to walk 1000 step distances it takes you a while. If you step size was larger that same distance 'seems' smaller. So, if you happen to be like 10 micrometers long than it's going to take a while to walk a meter. Now, I'd say your percentage of the distance is quite small and consequently the journey quite long. But what if you grew as you moved? Or not moved but grew? How far are you from point B if you start at point A? Do you get there sooner? If you grow and move? So scale might matter right? (ideas while walking across over pass)

"I don't think I could live with myself if I got out of college and haven't taken chemistry I and II"

7953 days Do you know what that means to me? It is the number of days I've been alive. prob. much more precise than anything I could have figured before since it came directly from python code. 4:49 PM If I modeled my mathematical movies around the notion that the details may get lost among the lay crowd but the central idea may be heard than there might exist a kind of balance between to much and to little information. For some reason, I've felt driven today. Since I arrived home from class hours and hours ago I've been reading documentation and I think I just might know how to write my own Blender plug in for the first time ever. I already know the value of knowing this information. And I've learned the skill of doc reading and code reading. One gets a lot further after reading all the docs and understanding terminology especially to the point where I can paraphrase. That's movie worthy stuff. Besides, I haven't put many thoughts into this thing thus far. In fact most things were far to gimmicky to be a good source of anything someone would want to find. 8:05 PM I was trying to get textures from but the download stopped after my computer's display went off. mmmarrgh The bar doesn't even move anymore. I hate that. 9:53 PM I'm always impressive with myself for having that spirit right around 9:30 where I'm like... MMm will this be the night I don't post a movie? And than I whip something up from past footage. And I'm like whoa... it's something alright.

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