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July 8, 2006 Saturday 1:37 AM Code Wonders

Code Wonders

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The power to write the code to control visual effects far surpasses any limitations of user programs. That translates into me being very very excited about future effects I'll be doing.
I feel more like a computer scientist every day. Well, every day I actually succeed in pulling off coding that works. It was a big boost to my confidence. And it opened the door to a lot of cool stuff. I'm glad I worked so hard on it. 3:04 AM My mean radius code did not successfully make a triangle. I suppose that could be a good thing since the program was to test one of my theories and as it stood before it told me my theory was wrong. But now I can 'see' quite liteialy that the program is wrong. .... so if I fix it... than maybe i'd be right after all.... hmmpt. 8:30 PM I know my body tires. I can feel it in my shakey limbs. I know part of me wants a nap. But the other part. That mental jack hammer keeps getting fueled up with ideas. Ever since I made that code break through a few days ago I've been on this programming binge. And everything gets more exciting with each new success. I'm really doing work here. It's monumental. And my programs are building on one another so that I'll be able to achive things I never could before. For once, the programming challenege to pay off ratio isn't too high. Most of the time my code runs the first time I write it though I have been dilligent to fix errors when I spot them. The good kind of spotting that comes from comparing expected output. I want to talk about the excitment in a movie. But I want to outline it a bit to see what I really have to say. But then I'm tired right now. But then I have this urge to walk out in the remaining light. Aye. So much action. I'm glad I'm making so much progress. It just goes to show...

"become a computer scientist and you'll never be bored again."

I mention this to myself as I drive this red block into all these rectangles wildly causing them to fly every where. Simles. 9:00 PM Then again.... I do feel a bit nauses and tired. So... maybe I was infected last week after all. But I'm hoping that sleep will cure it. It just doesn't seem right I mean it only started after getting back from a hard bike ride. So goes the theory.

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