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Contagious Company [M: Subtitles]

July 4, 2006 Tuesday Contagious Company [Subtitles]


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Why is it that you can't help but to read those subtitles?
2:59 AM I tend to not speak very well in some movies so I guess I really need subtitles sometimes. ;) 3:11 AM Dang it. I wanted to post it to pa place where zach could see it but it didn't work. 11:04 PM Apparenlty, I've read that North Korea has fired it's missles that much of the world would hope that they didn't. This 4 of July the shuttle also lanched. So there were a lot of things acending into the air. But that's not what I talk about today. Today, I get a call from Rosie early on about how she has become ill yet will still be about with her friends at the community center for 'the show' Though as I arrived I held my distance as she did warn me that she might be contagious I later took my chance anyway. I think it's a small gesture but a big message. I think it's something that says, "hey I care about you and I don't care if I get sick from showing I care" I noted how warm it felt to sit close to her toward the end of the night and the fireworks. I note that it wasn't possible for me to fully describe it here nor should I dare be that poetic. Such a feeling deserves as much. .... NOTES REMOVED .... I knew it was one of those treasured little moments that you remember from time to time. The sketch of the place and the people will be forever etched into my mind. A picture of red and green fire in teh sky and the warmth I felt next to me will ping back into my memory when ever I need to remember something to cheer me up. Thank you. This is by far the best 4th of July for me. All the rest were useless for remembering. .... Though on a scientific note I timed from the moment I saw light till I heard the boom approximately 1.83 seconds. That would be distance = (speed of sound)1.83 distance = (340.29 m/s)1.83 Distance from fireworks (hypothenuse) = 622 meters or roughly 1868 ft ish And yet the sound drums on your chest. 11:19 PM But now I best be a postin and showering off for I have my class at 8 and futher. I'm sure I'll be making a trip to recover a book from a friend. And I can only hope that will not be sick. Through some miricle maybe I will not be. That is yet to be known by I. Though a future version of myself can merely scan ahead a few entries and find out.

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