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Emily's New Place and Nancy's Leave

July 28, 2006 Friday Emily's New Place and Nancy's Leave

And it was a big day. I woke up and went to SBS to await
for Candice (fellow Plant lab person) to get off of work so that
we could go discuss logo ideas and take care of plant lab details.

This class is almost over and now it's just a matter of passing a 
final and a bio quiz monday. 

After that I biked to D street where Emes was hanging about writing
e mails to family and I talked to her and for some reason my 
Welcome to Chris World page came up and for the next 'however many minutes'
it was jumping from movie to movie. She seemed flattered to be
noted as 'Return of the Emes' 

As I recall I made a very large fuss when she was leaving and how I 
wasn't going to see her again. And here she is not just staying for a while
but a whole year. 

I help her move stuff into the car and we go to her new place she'll have
living with Shawn (math guy) and Sadie (El Birdo) 

So, I got to see the place and it's much closer to mine and that's nice.

I come back to the house and get food and hang about for basically the rest 
of the day. It's kind of a blur of excitment for people to be back and
fun and laughter and TV and Linda. And when I go to replace The Kristina Coke
i drank I get a ride with Starfish which is fun too.

And it's all a good day. 

Julia still begs me to put old movies onto tape or something. But the movies
she wants are on Sadies Tapes. 

I mentioned the project I proposed to Jacob (3D probe) to Paul and he
sounded interested in it.

Emily is quite happy in her new place... stuff is yet to be put into it. She points out the future location of the couch amoung other things. I remark that it will be interesting to see a time lapse or a cross dissolve of the place. Shawn calls and she talks with him about the moving in. Nancy Hams up a big big smile for the camera. Nancy is leaving tommorrow. So long Nance. Good luck in your new life at grad school.

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