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In a Huff [M:Specimen Day]

July 6, 2006 Thursday In a Huff [M:Specimen Day]

Specimen Day

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Hey, it's a summer biology class. So what do you see? You guessed it... dead stuff!
1:47 PM And I'm back in front of the machine typing the mishaps of the day. I awoke to my alarm. The second time I awoke to a strange sort of... I swear I had only closed my eyes for a minute when suddenly it was 8 the exact time I was suppose to be in a seat in a class room like a 1000 meters away. I blinked. Normally, there is some sort of a, naw it was the wrong time... or something else that says, "no chris, your not really late" But there wasn't. All there was was my finger hitting down the alarm key to see the 7 am flashing back at me and realizing I had fallen back to sleep as soon as I had turned off the alarm. I lift my finger and 8 am shows through. My god this wasn't good. I got up. You the funny thing about getting up far to late to make it there on time does to you? Well, least to me I decided what's an extra 10 minutes later or so.. may as well brush my teeth. I know I'd be there for a long while so I'd make time for something like that. Anyway, I rush but not to much that I loose my breath. I take elevators rather then run up stairs. As I'm speed walking closer to the class room images of faces turning toward me in disgust grace my mind. I try to think how to sneak in with out calling to much attention. The back door? Maybe? Naw. No good no luck I'm like 20 minutes later and it's well into lecture. People are settled in, noises are at a minimum. I'm going to stand out like.... a guy ...whom came late and has to walk in front of everyone annoyingly just to sit down. I get there at the door close enough to hear the lecture going on. I would have gulped had it been a cartoon show. I stand at the door trying to spot an empty seat. Pickings are slim. I really really don't want to have to walk across a bunch of people. I waited to long. The teacher points to a seat for me. I jump into it quickly and try to get my note pad out nonchalant like 'no no I'm not late I'm here I've been here all this extra brushing noise and moving around isn't because I slept in, really' It wasn't as bad as I thought. But what got my goat, and I'm talking mangling it, was the fact I missed out on getting to use the microscopes. I really really wanted to do that. I left in a huff after the lab. Really. I was pouting about it thinking how I wanted to get some pictures with the camera through the scopes. I had done it a long time ago and I was eager to get some interesting things. Turns out I should have since the other people in the group didn't know what they were doing. The group split up doing the plant prep lab and the microscope lab. Clearly, I had misplaced myself. And on top of that I had no seat. Someday, someday soon I really really want a seat. I'm somewhat territorial I need a place to center myself in a class room. grrrrr Do classes always start out with minor frustrations? Seems like it. 6:37 PM I think I spent 4 plus hours at least 3 working on learning how to program plug in's for Blender yesterday and that is the hard thing. The easy part is familiarizing myself with the blender-python bridge. It lets me into the world of 3D programming in a very big way. It's nice to break up the afternoon by visiting Leah. She was on a quest to find yeast for her bread. I followed along as she picked up more adventurers on her journey. 21.789 years old 9:41 PM I was tired but out into the night I walked. It was twilight. I watched the colors of the day receded through the silhouette of the trees. My thoughts were varied. I must be in a strange mood now. I wondered if I had made a mistake. If I had signed up for the wrong BIO Class and it would not be counting toward my GE as I thought it would. If that was the case... should I stay or should I go? I think it begs another question. How important is 'their' graduation to you. How important are 'their' requirements to you. Staying and learning in the class means something. Something more than a measly slip of paper someone tosses to you down the road. But those weren't the only thoughts. Among them, I found my self dreaming of times when I could say powerful words had have powerful actions to back them up. I stood and dreamt dreams of a future Chris. A fellow finally empowered. I noted that at the moment I had this strange feeling. I tried to describe it. Something like... a fire... a fire in my chest. A sense of restlessness reached out to my extremities. Was it the feel of ambition? Was it the feel a lion has when it prowls the bars of it's cage. I think it was that old familiar itch. The itch that keeps me going toward that dream. Toward my plans. The itch that keeps me awake at night learning, thinking, doing. Like a fire always there, though sometimes not but a small flame and other times a roaring inferno. 11:12 PM News Flash


After 2 days of research and work and trials I finally achieved control over sequence plugins. I DID IT! Finally! The result may not look like much right now (bunch of white strips on a movie) but it means I've effectively harnessed the power of the sequence plug in. That means high speed and high control over image date in movies! BREAK THROUGH BREAK THOUGH! Ah, I can sleep better now. I now control the pixels. It's something I always wanted. It's something I finally have.

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