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July 13, 2006

July 13, 2006 Thursday 11:45 Pm
I just realized it was about to become tommorrow and I haven't
written anything for today. Well shucks.
Not like there wasn't anything to write. 

Course I wrote a lot of responses to various people....

==== to a Member of BIO group
Oh yeah,

I do a lot.

Theorizing physics and mathematics

Modeling in 3D, starting to do 3D animation
but mostly I use the basics to enhance my movies.

making movies (for about 6 years now)

Music composition with digital tools



programming, writing simulations, getting into game design since
it's so close to simulation it's worth the practice.

HMTL, css sort of.

Writing phil. essays among other things.

almost to micro-controller programming and that's the 
beginning of robotics.


I picked computer science because I had so many
different interested that I wanted one I could 
use on them all. Computer science is really more
'information science' and automation so it 
made sense to build skills with it before examining
all the other areas of my study.

It fit in with the plan nicely.

I have a piece of paper that vaguely expresses
what I want to accomplish by 2014.
it began Jan. 1, 2004

And as for

"logo and web site of my business so if you are interested in any work, we
 should talk."

Sounds interesting to me. Besides, I feel I could learn a lot from
you as it would seem we have similar ambitions in life.

>   Well, I hope you have a great weekend!
>   See you Monaday!

yeah my weekend is sure to be filled with many strange new
ideas. Currently, contemplating power systems that don't
use steam. The ol' bio Dieasl got me thinking about
Energy demands and hearing you talk about the biz plan you
wrote and the pro-forma statements reminded me of that as well.
Which then took reminded me of simulations ideas for businesses.
And yatta yatta from there...

In Bio class I tend to contemplate not just what is discussed
but how it relates to nano tech and human consciences.

Well, I would like to assist in any way that I can so let us
chat some time at your convenience.


Chris B Stones


==== to fellow on youtube
I have an eletric Squier but no working AMP actually last I checked it was picking up radio frequencies. It's not as far fetched as it sounds due to the fact the amp amplifes what comes in on the wires.
I've also built circuits that pick the radio and than useed the amp to listen to the signal.

I'm currenlty going to HSU. Humboldt State Universitya and I live in 
the town.

The sunnyness is misleading. I tend to shoot on nice days which creates a false impression of the location. 

Thanks for subscribing. yeah basically if I post you'll get a message sent to you.

I used to post every day for more than 15 days straight. I halted that. Besides it was using up all my computer memory. 

But still from time to time I add things. Though I'm not you tube centric. I upload to Goog Video, internet Archive, and so forth. You tube is just another place though it is intersting that it's the one place I get comments back. 

Well that and posting movies to myspace account. 

In short, I'm everywhere. Search 'During My Break' in google and you'll see.



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