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July 16, 2006 Movie: Chris and KJ

July 16, 2006 Sunday 12:11 AM
It began with annoyance and frustration.
And as it continued there were more half way upseting things.
More like unsettling things.

A friend I had not heard from in a long long time called.
And because another friend whom was only up here for a few days
was presently at my place prevented me from talking well more like
I didn't feel right continuing to talk so I had to make a tough
choice. I had to hang up on my other friend.

And for many hours after that the fact nawed at my side.
So, there was a considerable amount of action yesterday. 

In brief KJ shows up at my door. And I'm like Whoa!
Than we go out to Ricos and the playground where there are
model race cars. And then to visit D street to see the bunny
amoung other things.
And then to Noelles place which now I finally know where it is.
And then to Rosies place, well near it, they deliver flowers
and I hang about talking but feeling a bit sick and tired.
It's too bad. But I get to type on this eletric type writer.
And then I go on my way to D street again.
And they are watching 24. A show I had not seen before.
Strangly, it makes me want to do that image slotted effect.

I come up after a few 1 hour episodes and find that foam has 
been placed under the menacing machine. Oh my god. 
Saying, "I'm very thankful" wouldn't even begin to describe my apprecation
for that foam. 

And that's yesterday as written on today. 

So what is today about?

2:51 PM
Hey I got WordNet to compile and run on my machine. YES. It's a step in the English Fingerprint Direction. 3:22 PM ===== to Powers Well, I haven't been able to work on it this whole time. I've been programming simulaions and other things but recently I managed to compile a version of the Word Net library on my system You know Word Net This is a big step in the right direction for analysing the words and preforming the research. Thought you might want to know of it's existance unless you already knew it. "It's more than just a regular dictionary" -chris ==== 7:20 PM I came back from a bike ride that took me to a good time hanging about chatting with Katheirine. That's good becausee the other place I attempted to visit shot me down quickly. "It's not a good time, Chris" And I left with out so much as an extra uttered phrase. The change in my mood was nearly dramatic. Here I was on my way to a place I thought I was going to get to relax .... and then afterward I find myself slumping away discouraged and looking for somethign to cheer myself up with. I think candy fills that void, and so I stopped at the Deli to pick some up. And then to home... Not long after I get back from my outting I get a call from Rosie. She's halfway through her friends wedding day and taking a breather at home for a bit. I'm glad she called because I was already down a bit from events. I think there were a lot of fragmented thoughts. Nothing streaming and complete... but lots of fragments. I can't quite put them back here. 10:52 PM Just when something else is cleared another thing comes back. Sink issues just don't die.
Chris and KJ

Bring those visuals in randomly and bleep everything you can. Yep, that's when KJ visited. Edited in 1 hour flat Compression and upload time... 30 min

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