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July 17, 2006

July 17, 2006 Sunday 11:43 PM
Stress finds a way to bite into my Brain.
It made me not want to work on what I was going to.
And though as counter intuitive as it is for me... I think
just going ahead and getting to work would help more than
anything else. 

5:12 PM

" I feel like a Eukaryote in a Prokaryotes world"

Hyphens are out of style guys. I know I didn't place one in there. I have agreed to help someone with a logo for their company. It brings back memories of that time I got to design the ROBOT logo for Res. Offical Board of Technology. And then Res News which made a brilliant debu as an animated symbol in the bottom of the 'J' I like the subtle trend. On Biz Blog.... Project Proposal Somewhere in the begining of this Biology class I presently find myself in a fellow from out of town was doing research on Dolphin skulls. I wouldn't have cared much but he had a particullary interesting tool he used to digitize the skull information. It was a sort of a 3D probe for which he could gather data points straight into the computer. And I thought, "Now that's something I'd like to make someday" Both the teacher and the guy stared at me in disbelief. Who was this kid thinking he can build a 150 dollar or so device. The claimed I needed some special optics and that it would be very hard. Clearly, the world hath no faith in the random college guy's vague aspirations. I walk out that day really thinking and going, "wow, they just don't think I can do it" I should do it somehow. $150 dollars eh? I think it's a perfect example of the myth people live under about computer technology today. They want to stay under it because they don't want to think they're getting ripped off for buying something as fabulous as a 3D data collector. Ta Sha guys, it turns out that the cost of bare parts is astoningly small compared with the end price you lug out your wallet for. I feel like showing them up and making one before the bio class is out. Even though that might not be possible I'd still prep a movie of production of the thing and branish it to the Bio teacher while going, "Hey remember that day that you didn't believe I could do such and such...." and "So, do you want a 3D plotter for half the price of that guys?" Beside, maybe the market would like one really huge so that you could digitize large objects like cars and what not. The plan? I was writing equations down before class. Basically, we could put what amounts to a varible resistor at all the joints of a rod arm and collect angle data which can be converted to the proper 3D coordinates via the PIC chip and the interface into the computer. I can out line all the pieces of the project and we can discuss what we know how to do and what we'll have to find out how to do. I think the coolist part would to have the 3D model of the probe be updated on the computer in real time so that as you move it it moves on the screen. Considering I do not see division and multiply I do not think the pic chip will do anything but digitize analog values and report them to computer. I've made some crude sketchs of the design and idea. Call me or write me for questions IMAGES NOT POSTED for OBVIOUS REASONS 9:34 Pm I find it funny that I'm able to hang about people I really don't know very well. As I biked up to Leahs place I just sat down outside amoung the other people whom lived there and obserbed as people talked and went about their lives. And then I was off to Coffey's house and again there were people there I was just hanging about with out really knowing. And I leave that place to go buy food from the store and come home.

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