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Lazy Day [M: Game Time]

July 14, 2006 Friday 7:02 PM Lazy Day [M: Game Time]

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Well, it was sort of wake up and go back to sleep multiple times today. Ultimlatly, I did get up and fix the sink so it felt like something good was done. The day begins to cool off and I contemplate what to do. I figure a ride out will be in order. I did a lot of thinking despite the sleeping today. Especially, in regards to an e mail I recieved from Candice. .... Oh yeah I was going to get rid of the sub woofer and just use my bose. 9:57 PM Well there goes a day. I did bike ride out and stopped in at Coffey's house. It was fun for a diversion and raised my spirts thus. Biking to West Wood after was simply a must. I went there and got things and on my way home I visited Leah but Saw Reylia instead. I told her about calling and she responded quite puzzled. So she gave me a new number and my frustration was muzzled. Thank you and later, I waved a goodbye As my bike took me down the hill very quite spry. Upon my arrival at my home with my stuff. I decided to again go out in a puff. I'd visit the Deli, first time in a few To see if I could spot Leah someone I knew Also I did see her but she was leaving and so I left too. And that was how my day got started and went through. ... By the way someone was doing poetry at the Deli and the rhytme must have gotten stuck in my head.

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