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The Lucid Dream M: Music Thorn

July 24, 2006 Monday 6:49 PM The Lucid Dream M: Music Thorn

The Music Thorn

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It hurts to think that all the music I'm inspired by is not usable in the movies that the music inspires me to do in the first place. It's like a major pain in my side especially when I see everyone else just going right ahead and using whatever music anyway.
I don't believe I've had a Lucid Dream of That caliber ...ever. It was like closing my eyes and opening them to a star skyscape above ground and suddenly knowing it's a dream. And then deciding everything. At first it was trying to be played out as a regular dream but I took full control. Sometimes I have half control but I had full control this time and I enjoyed myself thoroughly. I would bolt upwards through the open air of a galleria like complex with glass structure ceiling. And at one point I burst through the ceiling and up into the streets of a place closer to home or like city walk. Or a miss mash of places I had once been. I realized I could jump anywhere I cared to. Another moment I slammed through the ground and wound up in the blue green sea with a vicious great white swimming right near me. I managed to power out of there before I could feel the swift jaws dig into me. And so forth. The final moment was a female character I did not recognize from anywhere insisting that I wake up. And the next thing I knew I was seeing whiteness and being groggy. And then opening my eyes to lay there thinking about what had just happened. In 5 min retrospect it feels eerie that I was in a whole different place with only my rules just a few moments ago. ...whoa. It was just I not ever recall having 'that' much control. I think if I had that much every-night for a spell I could put the visualizing powers to good use. The whole dream was distinctly soundless but I did have touch. 6:55 PM Perhaps dying is like that. Like turning off main outside world and allowing the frontal cortexes to still do their scenario planing so that I may enjoy my last moments of condensed 'reality' ... I know earlier today while I sat out in front of the library and ate my sandwitch I was thinking heavily. About what to do with my life. And I realized I should add a new objective. I wrote it down in a seperate note. ...


Viannah said...


This movie thingy is the best/funniest I've seen so far. I like the way you cut the rant up... Just a note though: the bunny music and break music are REALLY loud compared to your speaking the rest of the time. Is there some way to even those out?

(Also, I think you're noble for not using copyrighted work without permission.)

Anonymous said...

Yeah, the music is a bit loud at those places. I usually even things out but I guess I just wanted to get that movie done and up online. I suppose it was really low and then suddenly 'blam' right? Sorry.

Hey thanks for the noble bit. I think trying really hard to find alternate ways to music stretches the skills and forces one to attempt to improve their own movie music making skills.

My e mail filter keeps deleting messages that anyone is leaving comments on these places. So I just
found out about it now.. so thanks.


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