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Minor Angers [M: Difference Matte]

July 7, 2006 Friday 1:11 AM Minor Angers [M: Difference Matte]

Difference Matte

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All those hours learning to program that plug-in really are paying off. I'm already thinking about how re write the code to get an even better result. (perhaps one that doesn't punch holes in my face)
====reply to Rosie ====================================================== It's good to hear from you Rosie. The first 2 days of bio... mm well the first day went okay. But the next day I overslept and rushed in 20 minutes late. I spent a lot of the time feeling a bit nervous in lab until I had a group but then I didn't get a seat... so I have no lab seat. It sucked. I hope things settle. On top of that I think their might be an isseu where as this class actually doesn't count toward my GE. So, I might be taking something that won't help toward graduation requirements. But anyway... We haven't been very far at all. I think it's all stuff I already know about so far. ... but that is soon to change. > Thanks for sending the direct link to the video, BTW. No problem Rosie, Those Playground days are fun. Oh I didn't realize another weekend was already upon us. > Also gracias for the good wishes. I am feeling better, just still very > quiet and low-productive-ish. My major accomplishments today were going to > the recycling center to take out our backlog of bottles and magazines, and > eating a real dinner. I still haven't gone back to work. yeah take it easy. I haven't come down sick yet enough with the lack of sleep and all. So so far so good. My major MAJOR accomplishment was finally succeeding in writing code to control the pixels of movie files in my most beloved open source program, Blender. I spent hours and hours straight working on it. And finally after 2 days I succeed. It was amazing. I jumped up I danced I laughed. The hard part of what I set out to do was over. Now everything should be much fun and easyier and very cool stuff will come of it all. I'm stoked. I'm glad your feeling better. Take care and I'll talk to you ... prob tommorrow. -chris ======================================================================== 2:11 PM I must have been real tired. I got up not long ago. I was still thinking about doing a movie about the 3D cursor but than I also contemplated explaining the seq editor plug in it was so hard to get that if I do anything even a small movie about it is sure to help someone. 8:49 PM Minor Angers Such an incident. Such a brief incident could have incited much more angry from me. But rather than let my blood pressure jump I felt more amazed at the predicament. How shall I explain? I walk into the Deli. There's a singer singing and people watching and I buy a drink and try to leave but as I push on the door it's stuck. I look down and see rug stuck in the way so I try to pull it back. All this goes on with the singer still singing and me starting to stand out. I do make it through the door after the 2nd try but as I go offf to leave 3 tall guys. One of them whom is a clerk at the Deli make their remarks. "Try time" I turn back to hear what is going on but I'm still walking away. Shock. Shock and suprise. I wonder to myself how his boss would feel about his employment there if he heard about his other remarks to costumers. But mostly I wonder about little things like this and what it means to the world. Why is it so messed up? I make a gesture to my head and say, "Because it all begins in here, and then choices are made" Shameful. As I walk back up the hill I chalk another tally in the grouping 'people showing lack of consideration' Clearly, they really didn't see what was going on. The fact I could not push the door regardless. Making remarks is extra effort on their part. And so I write a little about something that occupued less than a minute of the day. Some people. Shakes head. Some people.

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