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Movie: The CG Shuffle

July 23, 2006 Sunday 1:34 AM The CG Shuffle

CG Shuffle

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What do you do with all those spare CG clips just hanging about on your hard drive? Delete them. But first, throw them into a movie to save. All of what you see is rendered using Blender, an open source (free) program from check it out.
I should really run that experiment. Post flyers for what I can help people with and see who big a response I can get. Give sample lectures and see what kind of interest I can generate. Will my movies bite the dust when full school starts? There is a good chance... but maybe not by as much as I think. Some ideas for creating movies are brewing for tomorrow. I'm seeing that layout idea in my head. But I'm also considering basket ball physics. I was surprised to find I have another subscriber to my youtube movies. I'm very gradually collecting them aren't I? This July has been a more technical month a for as programing goes. But I haven't driven myself very deep into the python scripting side of Blender. ... with 7 or so days left in the month I suppose my attention should turn towards that sort of thing. I know once I get started with it it's much easier but I'm always lazy about beginning. I think I might story board some ideas... or search for any old basket ball scripts or notes. Or maybe i could pull together another CG Collection. I keep piling those things up. From particle explosions to animated Scissors. 11:43 AM That is not how I wanted to start out my day. Franticly looking for information on abiotic factors that affect Half Moon Conures. I could have done with out that 90 minute spree. And it had to be done before 12. Dang. So now I feel tired but going back to sleep... eh what am I to do? Falling asleep on Sunday night is one of the hardest things to do. 12:36 I'm sure I'm going to have a lot of upcoming proto ventures. I think the whole spending hours working on the design is good for me. I think that the doing it for another person gives me the motivation and I think that motivation to continue to work on it gives my valuable experience. I feel sad to walk away from a video editing venture that came about so suddenly. I can now see the importance of transportation to my future work what ever it may be. Turning away from one thing makes me wonder about other things. 3:34 PM

"It's almost always a better idea to stay up rather than to take the nap"

And I may feel tired but I stay up. And I notice that thinking as long as there are things to think and wonder about keep me up and about. Even it's a tired sort of thinking. It turns it into a relaxed thought process.

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