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Movie: Logo Design

July 21, 2006 Friday 3:24 AM Movie: Logo Design

Logo Design

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What is the process of creating a logo for someone like?
It only take a high school degree and a year of experience to work at the waste water plant. The video editor job might pay 10 dollars an hour. There are ideas floating about about starting a company with Jacob. It's nice to be an observer as Candice starts her venture. 6:13 PM Dang it. It's it nicer to be able to relax on a weekend? I called about the editing job but I started thinking it wasn't really for me even before I would get a chance to meet with them. For one thing I have no way other than 'the bus' to get to the meeting place. And since I have not used 'the bus' yet and can not learn before the first meeting time it might be a bit difficult to make sure I'm there at the first meeting on time. I have a feeling that being on time and at the first meeting might be an important property to display responsibility. And so the thinking turns. I tried to lay down feeling tired but at the same time not being able to sleep. It's sort of a nervous restlessness I've picked up. And the while I laid down and tossed and turned I remembered my past history with 'real work' The tutor center, than CCAT, and possibliy this? I don't think I want to get involved if only after a few weeks decided it's not for me. I think the way I've set up my life dictates that I have other priorities and their are much much better ways to make money while furthering my own interests. The question is 'will I be implementing ways to make money this semester?' And from that the flash of helping people to make movies for class projects. Being an independent physics tutor. Making those posters and putting them up. Maybe giving those ad hoc lectures. Perhaps CCAT sponsored. C'mon anythings better than working for a business as an employee. While at first sight the idea of a video editing job seems plausibly like something I might enjoy... the problem is that I keep forgetting how much I hate video editing for someone else. Video Editing is a much more complicated thing than people realize. For example, it depends heavily on the source material given. If someone else films, how am I to know they knew to get so and so shots so that I could edit with it. I don't want to get into the situation where I'm tagged as the guy whom messed up when I know for a fact all the jump cutting came from the lack of alternate shots. What about music? Opening Visuals and harddrive space? Adding any simple CG effect takes additional hours. My own movies would suffer much more than 10 dollars an hour is worth. I can't get those hours back. In the end I'd say what I 'really' do is movie making. I want to be in control at ever step or at least have my hand in every step or else it's not going to work for me. While I like the idea of someone else filming and delivering a tape to me hate the sort of problems that will crop up as a result. So, with that thinking done, I began to see the job opportunity as a larger risk to my creative enterprises and my objectives. Besides, I wouldn't want to get involved and than quickly have to leave because it was 'too much work' anyway. .... I spent time today designing the Logo for Candice. And I was getting to a basis form which I could build on so that's progress. As I worked, I listened to an IT conversation about graphics design and blogs and how people were talking about ways to get graphics on things and sometimes paying others to help them with the task. Hundreds of dollars for graphics?


Anonymous said...

Wow Chris, that was really cool. You make it look so easy. Well, I guess I'll see you sometime when I get off work.

Thank you,


Bart said...

Hi Chris,

excellent video! We just did a post on it on BlenderNation - thousands of Blenderheads will enjoy it today ;-)




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