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Movie: The Unfilmables

July 19, 2006 Wednesday 12:21 AM Movie: The Unfilmables

The Unfilmables

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Some people just don't want to be on camera. So what do you do?
3:40 PM it wasn't that anything happened recently. It was just that I was thinking out loud and made a couple of interesting comments to myself so I set up the camera and a few hours later I had a nice slightly comical but to the point movie. I have a Bio Test tommorrow as well as a feild trip where I have to find some way to get myself to the location. 10:33 PM Surpises are always out there. I find myself grabbing a bite to eat and messing up my order by accidently getting a to go meal when I wanted to stay in and suddenly Linda and Ellie stop in and I get to go to the house and chow after all. So getting the to go order turned out to be right. I'm amazed. And I had felt bad for irrating that cashier female. I noted the difference in hanging out with true friends. Not just people whom were about. I made sure to tell my friends that I considred them as such and that I enjoyed their company. After the yesterday downness it was a much needed boost I suppose. I stayed over for a long time and left around 10 so now it's study for test tommorrow and she what happens. ... by the way 'why does everyone keep asking why I'm laughing?' I tend to find humor where ever I can. It makes live easier to live. Why can't people understand that?

"She laughs more because she's more ready to laugh. A sense of humor is only funny when your willing to laugh "

When your willing to let true logic fall through a bit. Take time to enjoy with out all those extra thoughts. Sometimes it's better that way.

Nearly an hour of material and that's not even all of it.

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