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Muddled [Mov: Certain Power]

July 3, 2006 Monday 12:39 PM Muddled [Mov: Certain Power]

Certain Power

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Keeping a journal and using it right can have a powerful influence on your life.
I awoke from a strange and fairly disturbing dream. It was one of those I know I'm dreaming but I can't wake myself up ones. But it gets even stranger. I was going along in this dream and trying to wake up and when I finally did it was just another dream. I was typing the way I am now on this keyboard when I suddenly realized I was dreaming again. And that's when I really woke up. I think. I was right about the estimated sleeping time. After the Atari I took a part still didn't work I climbed into bed around 2 or 3 and thought mmm 8 hours? That should be about 12. Course I woke up earlier than that be accident and kept sleeping and then I eventually got up. mmm strange stuff. I think the Atari can still work but I was plugging it into the wrong connector on my TV. Now, I feel like I have to put the thing back together just to have another try. It might be a good idea. But I don't want to fuss anymore over it so it's in a pile of pieces in a box in the entrance way. 5:05 PM Ack. Somethign small bit me while I was trying to get todays movie right. It turns out that alpha from below erases that white line. mmm interesting. That thing that bit me got away, in fact it got away into the key board. And I'm like 'argh' Can't stand this. grrr frustration is on my back today for some reason. 11:10 PM I'm reminded of that summer I once spent many many hours staring at documentation for doing User Graphics on Mac OS X. The process to start making python do nice things as well as Blender is the same. Though I can't say I've gotten that deeply into it thus far I can say I'm begining to stare at documentation again. I keep reminding myself about that first time I sat down night after night and wrote programs. Those were the days of BASIC and to this day I still have the code some where around here. Now, I'm aware that I could pull off much much more than that old stuff was capable of. Alas it's still but a pipe dream until I drudge through the Blender Python Docs once more and uncover where I left off. Perhaps, this time I'll succeed.. but then again my little break in between classes is coming to a close. Tonight is my last chance to sleep in for a while. mmmm Hey, I actually wrote a script segment for what I shot today. BEGIN SCRIPT Certain Power Perhaps, I said it best on June 24, 2006 "People don't realize it. The fact all the bits of images and writings and entries that accumulate give them a certain power. " That power enables one to see things more clearly. It enables one to look back at yourself. CHRIS AT DESK MAIN CHRIS TALKING CLOSE ON CHRIS TALKING Such is the power of the journal. Such is the power of review. SCREEN? and the beneifts of which only comes to those whom take the time to keep track of their lives. END CLIP Maybe, after all the review I could find out what kind of life I really have. END SCRIPT .... I realize that on that ride I did today I took a lot of notes. But haven't written about them. Oh well. I happened to see a lot of people but it didn't thrill me the way it would before in the past. What is happening to me? The movie plays out what I've been doing lately which is reviewing June 2006 and deriving what I can from it. It's been a learning experience thus far. And I enjoy the process however, it's getting a bit tedious and I know not what to do to really sum it all up.

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