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No One Cares for Chris World

July 9, 2006 Sunday 4:58 PM No One Cares for Chris World

Is Wikipedia Evil?
Naw. I should write a paper about that.

I think there's a very real chance if it turning into a "Hitch hikers guide"
type of resource for real. I can just see hear the voice.. 
"And here's what wikipedia has to say about ...."so and so.
Now, there's and Idea I should explore.

11:00 PM 
You know your working too hard when you see the monitor in your
sleep. Or it was more like an exhaustion collapse onto the bed
for a few minutes. I noted several things while my eyes were closed
and my brain kept on trucking with out me for however long that

I noted how I didn't like to have to keep taking my tray  back up stairs
after I had prepared my food and brought it down and ate it.
It was like... 'man now I've got to put everything back the way it was'
I distinctly remembered a time in my life where I didn't deal so much 
with this. 
And that thought reminded me of home. But not home present day. 
The home years and years ago. The home where I remember wanting to eat
dinner but having it not be ready and I would impatiently watch something
on TV I didn't really want to watch to kill time before it was.
I knew the feeling. And as I laid on my back with memories dancing
I registers this on my mind. 
I hated that feeling. 
The thoughts would soon disappoint and images of programs to be
came to mind. Least I thought they did. Or did they?
I don't remember.

I do remember turning over thinking... 'man, I can't fall asleep now
I have to check on a few things for class tomorrow and set all
those alarms and pack the bag and of all things eventual get up in
the morning.'
I'm setting 3 alarms in hopes I do not repeat that last snafu. 

I sometimes gather the impression. That no one much cares for
Chris World. Nor do they care for the Chris of Chris World. 
There could be no blame of course. It's just that  I come to think
that there is no interest by people. I watch visit counts here and
there. And then I look at visit time and it's zero for most of them
and I think... well it was only one person for 'so and so' long
and the rest were accidents? Nothing more. 

I can be down sometimes. Especial on that topic, so long as I know
I have this as a record and in it's state a far greater cry in the 
direction I want to be than the journal of the past. 

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