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Not a Trival Matter

July 15, 2006 Saturday 11:06 AM
This is not a trival matter.
I'm really irritated by that waving hum and I need
for him to believe me what it is and that I 'can' 
hear it through the floor.
It's low enough to not care about while awake but
as one falls a sleep it's as annoying as the Tao's Hum[1]

I think the reason I associate it with the hum is the fact that
Alex might not believe me. I woke up so enraged this morning
that I got up to try and record the sound. 
Not much luck seeing as how my tape recorder kept stopping which
even more infuriated me.

And I thought this came up before. It isn't no sub woofer buzz.
It's a wavy hum and clicks which I theorize are the clicks from
the hard-drive sitting on the floor. I theorize the fact that
the computer sits on the floor is able to send those low frequency

I'm hoping that a simple and careful experiment will be done
to show him that there is indeed and irritating noise emanating
through the floor for which I'd love to be rid of.
But I'd love to rid of it in a way which permits him to run 
is computer whenever but makes it so that I can not detect as
I'm saying the sound is the computer he left on last night
as he does other nights and it bothers me enough that I have
to put ear plugs in to get rest. 

The problem with the experiment I have in mind is the fact that
the noise is so low, low enough to be ignored while awake but
loud enough to be annoyed while trying to sleep, he might 
claim that he can not hear it. And so the conundrum I face.

Will he hear the ghostly thing and not think I'm the crazy one?

If I mysteriously predict when his computer is on or off that's
mighty proof that it in deed is the computer and that I can hear 

I propose a foam block underneath the thing or some buffer of
that sort. 
And even with that I theorize that the clicks I hear are from 
that small hard-drive sitting on the floor. I know this because 
one day I walked up and listened and placed a small book underneath
the drive. And behold less clicking. I"m sure he remembers and found
it odd. But that's the depth of my desperation.

11:19 PM

1:38 PM
I think there's some sort of counter productive enditity in me
that wants me not to work on things.
Like there's the 'I'm going to get to work and achieve' and
then there is that voice that goes 'naw that's too much work'
And who wins?
Well depending on that I tend to feel differently about myself. 

2:18 PM
Fine. I'll tell it like it is.
I did get myself up and I did go to the Deli, book in hand, will
all my good senses to see Leah there. And I did indeed see her
and talk with her. And while I was there for a good while I
thought of things.
People know I'm thinking because I mutter. They point it out to me
but I could care less. I'm thinking here. That's what is important. 

The thoughts ranged from conscious metaphors to Energy Generation.

I had the inklings to calculate some of the thoughts but pulled back
thinking I did not want to get involded in that mathematical mess.

What stops the world go round?
Someone at the deli brought up the ol' Nicholas Tesla ledgends.
The whole tapping the energy of the Earth deal. And thinking about
it as I tend to I quickly began a sketch of the idea.

How exactly could someone get energy from the Earth?

And so it went.
First there must be some source.
So I contemplated the rotational kinetic energy of the rotation of the 
earth. I suppose I could try that calc.
(Chris got up and retrives his Physics Book from Class)
Here it is, page 304, the solid sphere has a Rotational Inertia given
by  I = (2/5)mr^2

Don't understand? Well image your car has stalled.
And now you have to push it. Roughly speaking how hard it
is to move the car is related to it's mass. [2]
And mass is the analogy to rotational inertia. Just like mass,
rotational inertia is a property of resistance to motion.
In this case, it's the property that makes things hard to spin.
The shape of the object and how much there is affect this quality.

Earth mass = 5.97 * 10 ^24 kg
Earth Radius = 6373000 meters
Therefore, rotational Inertia is 9.69 * 10^37 kg*m^2 

But I was looking for an energy source. This simple is a number about
how hard it is to spin the entire Earth.

The energy stored in the Earth turning is given by a different equation.
It's what is know as Rotational Kinetic Energy.

Rot. KE = (1/2)Iw^2

In which case the I is Rotational Inertia and the w here represents
how fast the earth is spining. 
If you haven't noticed something spinning fast is harder to slow down
than something spining slowly.

So how fast is the Earth turning?
Well, it takes a day to turn right?
So, it moves 2pi radians in 24 hours
24 hours to seconds would be 8.64*10^4 seconds
so 2pi over 8.64*10^4 gives  7.27*10^-5  radians per second
A radian is another way to point to a spot on a compass... well
basically um perhaps if I put it like this.
That same number in degrees per second is .0041 
That means every second your sitting there reading this text your
chaning position by .0041 degrees relative to the center of the 
Earth. Fancy that?

Regardless, Rot. KE of Earth spining is 

call from KJ she's in town. 
Best get ready for that. I'm halting the calculations.
Well actually, if i sketch it out you place some large
metal poles in the magnetic field of the Earth. And 
due to the fact changing magnetic fields induce currents you
could power something simply by that fact. Only the energy
your using would be coming from the Earths rotation and thusly
it would feel a force slowing it down.
So, you would be halting the Earth to get its power.
It's a finite resource but hey this sociiety has nothign agaisn't
using up finaite resources like they were infinite right?

I'm not saying this would relaly work but I found out many people
in the past wondered about simlier Earth power systems.
I'm not saying it would work because I haven't done the full calculation.
Amoung other things. Just that it was curios to think about.


Currently, 12:10 AM on the next day. So what do I do?
Talk about today as it were yesterday on the next day?
I guess. 

[1] " Some victims are unable to sleep while the humming reverberates in their brains. Others complain of headaches, nosebleeds, anxiety, shortness of breath and a lack of balance usually associated with inner ear problems. The Taos Hum is named after the American community in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, New Mexico, where it was first heard around 1990. Mrs. K.C. Grams was one of the first "hummers" to go public. Since then scores of Taos residents have complained of the noise." ... The only certainty when dealing with the hum, is that some people hear it, while others do not. That is not to say that the noise isnt real, perhaps some peoples sense of hearing is more suseptible to the noise than others. [2] Well to be more precise... the weight of the car affects how much friction, resistance, you feel but not to a very large degree. In the system of the car on flat ground your really up agaisn't the effects of it's mass. It's mass that makes somethign hard to accelerate, move. In a sense we could figure out how much mass this car has just be noting how long it takes to get it to certain speeds.

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