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Return of the Emes

July 27, 2006 Thursday Return of the Emes

It's best to record yourself when you get into one of those
talkitive moods. You have to capture what you can and build
on it later. 

July may be wrapping up and I find myself with the motive to 
wrap up with it. Some people are begining to return to Arcata
and the begining of Fall session is making way toward me.

So what has this summer been like? 

Well, it's been so vastly different from so many of the 
failed summers I'd like to describe some of the successes.
In the pacing of life and work. 
The enhanced effiecenty of thoughts to products.

It's a strong start into the world of 'getting things out there'

1:52 PM

I like hanging about with Liz at her work.
It's relaxing and they happen to have computers there
anyway. Not that I used them today..

I noted various ideas from Energy Tipping to projectial time changes,
and the Psychological impact of my movies on the people I see
in real life.

I noted that this one female seemed to be responding to me differently.
And later I found she had watched a few of my movies.
And I realized that must have been it.
Since I'm putting more and more of my personaility and ideas out there
for easy consumption it's making it easier for people to know me.
So that when they see me in real life they know a lot more is going on.
I note that it's similar to the 'fame effect' but only a smaller

I think that if I programmed a game based on my life and had people
really into it, it would be fairly fun to hear someone telling me
how much they were playing 'my life' 

I would be amused. 

I noted ideas about Philosophy of Test
and what sorts of things a test really does.

There were some comedic ideas about having someone come in
and switch all the items around on a desk to amke it feel like
the person at the desk is sitting at your desk.
I acted out the idea for Liz and we both agreed it woudl make
a good skit. 

1:34 AM the next day

Well, that day sort of ended so I suppose I'll just post a quick

I got word from D street that Emily was back and some others
who were filling the house with laughter again. 
And I hadn't made more designs for Candice yet so I resolved
to do them as soon as I got home.. which was technically tommorrow.

With many more design trials done I turned back to this text.
It's a shame I have not the motive for filling in those ideas
I mentioned above but they will have to come later.

A few shots of the day will be better than nothing

People 'are' returning and it's good in genearl even if it
means class load is soon to increase.

Liz hangs out at her desk job working for EOP. I came up with a lot of intersting ideas while in the room. It's a relaxing place to come after class. Emily and others walk to dinner. Ah, Emes finally back and I thought I would never see her again.

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