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Return of the Sadie

July 29, 2006 Saturday 1:28 AM Return of the Sadie

1000 plus Visits

I've noticed I have 1000+ visits to this video blog.
And the movies I've posted to google have been viewed all together approx. 9533 times
with 83 downloads and the that's not even counting the youtube numbers.
I noted a surprising 5 subscribers whom are people notified whenever I make
a video post.
Not bad for only about 2 months of movie making. 
A few years at this should prove very interesting indeed.

I think there is a critical mass of movies. There is a certain number of movies
and a certain duration in which some one can stumble upon the site... start 
watching and then not even see it all and then decide to come back.
I must be getting closer to that threshold. If these trends continue it's 
clear I'm going to blow it completely away.

2:33 PM
Blogger is telling me I do not have an account
Clearly, my pages are still there. ... so nothing is 
deleted at the moment. I hope no one logged in as me and
changed something... ack. 
Not that I don't have the original content on my harddrive
just losing the presence and the pages would be a disaster.
I'd prob. have to parse and restore everything. But I should
have been preparing for that all along. 

I got up earlier but I went back to bed and kept re falling asleep
until it was 2. I scalled myself for that because I usually appreciate
those to hours of my day a lot. 

I seem to have a little list of things I should be tending to.
But with this log in not working and no e mail response from 
blogger... my mind is a bit distracted.

And I write this passage not knowing if it will get to show up...
I just have some slight hope that it's just some server some where
is down and that it will come up a few hours later and the next time
I try to log in I'll 'have a place to do it' 

...scary But eh whatever happens, happens.... I say that with a grrr in my heart 

3:44 PM
They had just left.
But Louis had arrived at my door a while earlier and he spoke to 
me of many things. Ideas revolving around people. He told me he 
is one of the people whom reads my blog.

I just listened to what he had to say.  And noted things


Chain Visions
I play with this little chain often and I'm surprise
that I can make so many different patterns with it.
And I wondered if I wrote a program that could show
every possible pattern it could make.
I imagined modeling it with short vectors.
chris world is brought to you by .. time and space.
And consciousness Inc. bringing you reality since
the dawn of human life.

... DARNG .. 
5:29 PM

how is it that I forgot the correct username.
Well, it works now. Just after I sent a help message.
Dang it.

It was just after a long shower where I was trying to relax
while watching the water droplets ping on the surface.
I noted the sensation as I brought my hand to just beneath
the surface of the water on which the water droplets
were hitting. 

I noted in those moments how relaxed I could be and how much
I really need to try and relax regardless of all the things
'I want' to do.  I've already spent much of the day just
keeping quiet. 


I note that when there is a lot of action going on.
For example, I rode out to the new place and it turned out
Sadie had 'just' gotten there. I was the first one
to see Sadie and then hours of helping move stuff back and
forth place to place ensued. 

I had a lot of fun. And I was already thinking about taking
a bit of a break from 'feeling like I have to do everything'
so it was a nice extra exciting touch. 

And many things were moved out of D street. It seems empty
now. ... I still hung around long enough to play Linda some Halo.

As I ride back I take a little more time than usual to watch 
the starry sky. I saw 2 shooting stars. I like to watch for
them. They happen every night. It's usually not that long
before I see something. And I always tend to look up at 
the right moments. 

I rode in the car with Marie and she told me much about how
life might be going on for her after graduation in May.

at first I thought I'd just sketch in the sketch pad but...
I realized why whould I sepreate the equations from the sketchs?
So, now I'm starting to prefer to sketch and figure out the equations
in the same place. 

I caught Sadie right as she was unpacking the car. I was thrilled. Ah, the carrying of the landry bag with extra assorted stuff. It happens every time she comes and goes somewhere. Sadie and Emily are reunited and swiftly moving stuff in... I helped here and there.

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