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Screen Ballet

July 22, 2006 Saturday 1:13 AM

Screen Ballet

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While filming the screen for another project I remember there were a few strange clips. Who could have knew that feedback would be so entertaining to watch? Or at least that dumb sort of entertaining that is just strange. And because it's strange it's entertaining. Least a little bit and so I give you a short screen ballet. What else would you have called it?
I think it's annoying to get home past 12 on a day and still have to wait to upload a movie before posting. Especially, when the connection speed is so low. It keeps me up a little bit. I made sure to buy Linda dinner 'yesterday' and bring it to her for she is immobilze with her still broken leg. People were in and out of D street a lot yesterday Ellie came and went and she's leaving again for LA and Kellie S and her 'friend' were staying the night while on their big travels. My my. 6:52 PM I don't know if I should be proud about posting movies everyday. I discussed it before and frankly some things just shouldn't get posted. But I do anyway. It's strange how that works. I spent a great deal of time today working on that logo for that person. It's been a challenge but after working with the organic design I'm begining to catch on and become a bit more skilled in the process. This is exactly what I signed on for I believe.

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