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These Days of Mine [Mov: Bizarre]

July 2, 2006 Sunday 12:53 AM These Days of Mine


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The idea was simple but technical difficulties destroyed the effect. So why is the clip so messed up? Well, half way through the performance the camera readjustd to the light and it made the whole frame darker. You'll notice that after my body starts walking away from my head a line appears between the older more illuminated frames and the newer darker frames. Another thing that kept going wrong was my image mask. That's a bit technical and all I can say is that an even brighter line appeared and it took a while to rid the image of it. My bumbling along through me into a poorer mood I guess.
I suppose my 'alone' waves echoed out into the universe and caused like this whole group of people to contact me through e mails and phone calls. I note the eeriness of it then get back to work.
1:50 PM Day
I just learned what serendipity means and I note it's role in my life. Yesterday's story could have been a lot different. It could have been overwhelmingly positive if serendipity had anything to do with it. 11:12 PM And I was excited very early this morning. That late morning before I went to bed for the day for I was thinking about reviewing this month of June. I turned the ideas over in my head so much that I had some trouble falling to sleep last night. I'll look back on the notes I made with new vigor and wonder how I'll allocate my time and resources to best portray June 2006. I realize this is the most import part of the process of keeping the records. The records of 'these days of mine' The phrase came to me as I lie in the bath tub letting it fill with the spray from the shower. The rush of water and warmth surround me and I relax a bit and listen to my inner mind work out it's delicate melody. I was having trouble earlier. The sort of trouble that leaves me staring blankly at the screen in frustration. It was more of an irritation than a trouble. It seems that some rogue program is writing statements to the Console and it's preventing me from viewing my python print results. ... for the non computer literate basically... something has happening in which picking out the text I want to see has become like finding a needle in a haystack. And I spent a good sum of time trying to locate the problem. It's such a niche problem that there are no help message boards on the subject. I'd have to write to some developer at Apple and explain my frustration. Anyway, before that whole mini debacle I was about to sit down and programming a bit. Python Scripting to be exact. I wanted to do something that made me feel like a real programmer again. I wanted to pick up where I left off so long ago. And than that whole mini mess happened. Which lead me to stare blankly and then to a retreat to a relaxing shower. Now I did a few of the things I listed that I wanted to do today. I made a brief list which included cleaning, laundry, Review Movie. I've done the laundry. I have yet to do the cleaning. But I did bike out to find that Bio Book from Jacob. When I rode up to his place out pass those grassy fields I noted the lack of a car in the drive way. This didn't look good. I knocked anyway. More like poke the door with my right index finger strongly. Tap. Tap. I wait. I hear some sort of clicky stepping sound. I stand back and a fellow whom isn't Jacob answers the door. I know that he won't be giving me the book but I hear that Jacob will be back in town around the time my bio class begins so I'm not worried. The strange part? Later, as I visit Leah's place I see the same guy. Small world. Small world in Arcata. I cruised around the town a lot today. I've been doing that lately. As well as testing my luck and learning at what points on a ride I can extend both my arms out and pretend I'm flying above the asphalt. I like feeling that wind through my finger tips. On some good days, some good sunny days, it's the greatest thing. The extra weird part about the day was that I acquired an old Super 8 mm camera along with some other things after visiting a garage sale near D street. .. 11:28 PM I still want to by a CycloComputer and some new shoes. And go out on the most evasive ride yet. The furthest distance. I'd follow Somoa Blvd. out to Manila a distance 3 plus times the way from my house to D street. Exploration of the area fascinates me more every time I go out. I've discovered many things. ... 11:47 PM The other half of doing the review is to back up and remove data from the harddrive. Save high quality to tape and take a look at what unfolded in that month to see what I could revisit and what direction I need to move in.

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