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August 16, 2006

August 16, 2006 Wednesday 1:29 AM

I'm so glad I found this commerical online so I could
watch it again.
Burger King Chicken Fries

Math verse Art
They are at opposite ends of the spectrum aren't they?
While I was in that art class at the begining of summer I
felt the strong divergence. 

From what I could gather....

Art is...
free formed
felt out
lack of rules

And the same people might feel that...

Math is....
harshly ruled
a pain

If this is about what the common folk think than
what I have to say should sound fairly shocking.

Well, the way most people are exposed to math would
explain a lot about the way they feel towards it.
I for one do not feel that Math is the negation of Art.
I believe that the people, the ones whom really 'know' math
really have a feel and a mind for it see it completely 
differently. They see it flexiable, powerful, puzzling 
at times but something they can work with. Something they can
express ideas with. 

Lets take the rules for example. 
That fact that there are rules is the begining of 
the diverence from art I would suspect. But that's 
not explaining the whole picture. To think that art 
is somehow 'outside' of the rules is a bit of an illusion.
I'm not speaking of social rules or socieitial rules.
I speak in terms of the physical laws of our world. 
An artist may paint or scuplt with matter but he or she
will not change the effects of gravity on that matter.
The artist is locked inside the daily laws of life regardless
of his or hers artistic expression.

I mused, back then, at how I felt an artist is just a person
whom is making lots and lots of minate decisiosn about what
he or she is creating. Though these decisions maybe on the 
scale of color, or shape, or choice of proportion they are not
the only choices one has. 
I like to think of myself as an artist on a greater scale of
.... NOT FINISHED ....

=== letter to mom
If decide to change my major it would have to be soon.
Or not... well, at first it looked like  a Math major
would only be 6 more classes but than I read a paragraph
that said those classes and 26 more units in math electives.
So it's more like 12.

I wouldn't be graduating by 2008 on that sort of plan.
It would be like adding 2 years.

I'd say that some of granny money spent on education would
be worth it. 

But still I thought I was done with formal mathematics.
I got to the summer and read over lots of new mathematical
ideas and worked on things here and there and noted how much
better I learned once I wasn't pressured by a math class. 
... but I may just have to bite the bullet and do that
academic math... blaw. 

I'm just thinking with myself that if I change it had better
be very soon so I can change course.....
but than I was thinking physical science....

but now I don't know what to do.
I'm so tempted to get out of Computer Science. 
I don't even trust that term anymore.


11:29 PM
And the day closes off after having spent it with a friend I 
met my chance during the course of the day. 
I come home late. Not minding the bike ride through the dark
that much. I walk up the hill unrushed.

I guess what I spoke about with her has gotten me quiet. 
As I left I reminded myself of the promise I made to 
await her call the next time she wanted to see me. 
So she can have her time to herself. 
I hope she comes around okay. 

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