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August 2, 2006

August 2, 2006 Wednesday 1:28 Am

Occupational videos were discussed late tonight with Linda.
I had all my bio work done so I really wanted to use the time
to cruise out and enjoy the sensation of wind through my hair.
And so i'm glad I did. Besides it wasn't like I was going to 
be asleep by now anyway. Maybe I did a good job of tiring myself
out today though. 

Anyway, we discussed the cornyness of Ocuplational how to videos and
we were like "there should be a D street how to"

But what would be in it?

Hold bunny away from face.
Don't stand in the middle off the catapult
Address Erin in 'this' sort of voice. Starfish.
D street is known for it's flys the proper way to swat...
Were protective breating gear when entering the 2nd bathroom.

Notes for typing

Ever wonder about those hard reads wehre you have to look
or ought to look up every word youdon't understand and its
like 1.5 per sentence?

Wel with wiki those word def. are only 1 click away.
Makes reading easier as it's as much extra informat as nesscary

Getting a Test Back Efficiently

Well I thought it might be better to let the system help me get my test
back with out all the search time and the best part is the time I spent
figuring out the system made the time go by all that much faster.

Worst case time to find test. Supposing I went up to be the first to find
my test I would have a 1/n chance in finding it at first and then a 1/n-i
as I looked. The worst case being (t search time)n = Time required to find

Function of search time as I wait longer and longer.
Rate function at which tests get back.

Original scenario
System as whole
My waiting chances

If a teacher wants to get tests back and still make it to ‘their’ next
class they might want some idea no how long it will be for everyone to
find their test.
However, the PILE method may not be the best strategy for giving a test
back if time is a priority. Hence the having students pass it back or
something else like that. Course you could order the tests by seat
position and then the time would be merely a walking circuit of the room.

Why I calc?
I like to know the system. I saw I could prob figure out how long for
everyone, and that it wasn’t linear. I would know for every second I waitd
how much faster I would find it. And I could compare the rough estime with
searching for my test from the beginning.
It’s a intersing systm when I decided to let them find my test for me in
such a way.

I will admit I like to be the guy whom doesn’t just walk up to get his
test back from a pile of tests. I like to be the one to go over to the
chalk board and figure out the most time efficient way to get my test

The pleura of ideas exploded as soon as I put them the first statements on
the board. I liked that board. The chalk felt rough and it gave a little
like smooth sandpaper as I wrote on the chalk board.

“You do math for fun?” Do athletes train for fun? Does the pain of
exhaustion feel good?
Course I could just watch someone look through and at some point my name
and hand writing will appear and I’ll snag it.

I would never rush out of the last class room of the day back in high
school. I noticed how hard it was for people to get through the door and
decided I’d wait until it was a nicer walk. What are they rushing for? I’d
only rush to get to next classes.

Course I used to run to certain ones but there was this other guy whom
walked and always wound up right behind me.
And I think now, “Maybe thinking your moving fast really isn’t faster.”
(depends route, route depends on population motion etc.)

My Marginal Propensity to do math is high compared with many many othyer

9:13 PM
I recall walking down steps today with my new adding machine and my 
recently borrowed library books and being all excited.
I had gotten it all for free and I was happy for it all.
I even got to type on an older electric type writer. 

I feel bad not making a movie today since it has been a few days and I 
was doing so well in the hit count department.

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