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Awake into Math M:Mathematical

August 14, 2006 Monday 3:00 PM Awake into Math M:Mathematical


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The first thing I think about when I wake up... but only when I'm allowed to wake up on my own time.
The dangers in shooting your movie without a script is that a lot of stuff you were thinking about might not come across in the movie. I'm sure as I thought about what movie to make in regardes to what I had worked out I had intended to tell a much more detailed story. The story of how the thoughts unfolded.... the story behind minate reasoning and taking wrong turns. The story of interpretation of resolutions and new realms of mathematics I could apply if I only considered these other ideas. The movie I made doesn't do anything justice to the ideas that grew out of the beginning of the search of the attempt. Perhaps, if I wrote it all out and kept a log, which I should have always done, I would be able to unravel the workings of my own mind as it attempts to unfold the ideas and concepts and apply the new thoughts to a problem. .... I note that I would find myself in times where I want to read something interesting and thought provoking about the way humans think about algebra and wishing I could find some article somewhere on the net. And then I couldn't but I began to realize that a search of that sort might turn up something of mine I posted. That would be funny for if I denoted something of mine as thought provoking mathematical speaking I'd find it somewhere on line after all. .. 10:23 PM Someone told me you don't really know Chris unless you read his blog. I was a bit taken-aback after she said it. What did she read? She was telling people that you miss out on a lot of who chris is if you don't read about it on my site. I suppose that's true. I'm sure there has been a huge number of different first impressions over the years. I think I'm reaching towards unification of those impressions by developing a standard protocol for meeting people. Card, site some sort of catchy greeting. Eh. I'd rather people have one concise view of me than misinformation generated by circumstance. Which reminds me I need to print out more of those cards. I've been to like 3 social functions in the last week and I didn't have any cards to pass out. (Nicoles get together, Narisas Birthday.. and Rosies pLuck) I'm generally pretty uncomfortable at places. I just don't mingle well... well perhaps that's based on the people. .... It was good to do another math movie.... yet no luck getting to the real core of my thoughts on matters. That will be left for another day. .... and when I have more hard-drive space. ...

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