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Bad Thoughts and Speedy Trains

August 13, 2006  Sunday 12:27 AM Bad Thoughts and Speedy Trains

Those gray structures were part of a project that this lady
began or worked with or something
I always wondered what that thing was.

Dr. Lucile M. Jones

I confirmed this after asking about it.
=== replay

Yes, that's her.  We know her as Niels' mother.  Niels is John's 
friend, same grade (about to be Juniors).  Niels has a big brother 
Sven who we think is the same age as Crissy, one year younger than 
you and Viannah.  I think he played football.

She's at USGS, Caltech and also on some big state earthquake commission.

>Was the Earth Quake lady this person
>Dr. Lucile M. Jones
>or someone else?


2:30 PM

I hate it when certain thoughts bother me on that sub level
and slowly begin to nudge my mood one notch lower than I'd like.
It's like having that itch on the roof of your mouth, and you 
can't even skratch it. It's just there and it ruins your day for
the time that it exisits.

How can I rise above mere slight worry? How can I prevent slight
worry from becoming a tantamount psychological ordeal. 

And once the worry sets in it grips my chest and pulls my soul
to the floor. A place no soul belongs. I've got to tell myself
it will be resolved. I've got to tell myself that when class
starts and things open up again I'll get things checked and things
will be fine. 

Why can't I change my feelings based on logical reasoning? 
I know the prevalence in the population is low. .003 
I know I'm not 'as at risk' as others. My chances should be below
.003 right? But then again I've never been one to trust my own
mathematics that much when it comes to statistics. 
Could their be something I'm not looking at?

And why is it that I mess up the relaxation of a break with something
like this.


On different notes....
Did you ever bring up a topic with someone and note a slight reaction.
It was subtle but it was there... and you knew it meant something.
Like they had done something. ... but what? Only speculation.

7:04 PM
Friends of mine visited me and I didn't take any pictures because
they tend not to want to be on camera. Though I did show them
former clips of themselves.

After I watched the movie and my landry was done I thougt
about those train problems again. I recalled the final thought
of last night before I fell asleep. I had just realized I could
think of all the possible situations as points in 3D space.
And the octants stared me in the face.
Each train function was really described by 3 pieces of information.
Position x, velocity v and acceleation a. (you would never have saw
acceleration in the standard train problems)
But that idea suddenly cast the train problems into a whole new light
a whole new realm of mathemtaical thought.

That was why I opened my Linear Algebbra book and tried to remind
myself of all the things I hadn't learned when I took that class.
I find I learn much better when I'm not pressured into solving the problems
nor passing tests. I have time to pick out just what I want to know.
And as I flipped throuhg the pages reading definitions here and
there I found a surpising lack of real concrete information.
That is to say the book isn't that dense. I could teach myself everything
in it a lot faster than messing up the class like I did. 

The shift of thinking opened a whole new door of possiblities.
I enjoyed the extra inside I was about to recieve on the ol' train 
It's late but I do eventual tend the suprise party for
Platypus. I had some fun... but really I was glad to comfort
a friend whom was having troble at the moment.

I did landry and decided to snap an image of the basic style. I choose plain colors and simple combinations over any flashy graphics. Unless, they are graphics designed by me or if I really believe in them.

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