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August 18, 2006 Friday 1:09 AM Blech
It's a good thing movies like this exist for some people.
I'm always impressed at the social guidenace films of the 
olden days. Why didn't people know how to do this stuff?

What to Do on a Date

Hats off to Rob Cockerham (experienced internet quantifier)
He deserves a movie.

4:35 AM
Movies to do?

What is a web browser?
I imagined a visual for this and thought it would be fun to make.

HTML for HTMLers
It would be a large effort but a movie for those myspacers 

Got Curves?
Figures made with points are standard but what about functions?
Get curvey with curves in blender!

7:51 PM
And I laid on the couch of D street looking at blank white sky
through a dirty window. My fingers had grown tired from playing
guitar and my spirit wasn't being lifted by any humanoid entity
in the area. 
Thoughts of getting up and leaving grew from a whim to an impulse.
How had I gotten there? 
Well this time I had walked. I had walked out earlier to
go be around the activity of the returning and new students.
I must have thought I could let their fresh new anxious and exciting
energies spill over into my own life and maybe I'd brighten up. 
Not quite. But before I was here to type this text I had encountered
many people. Just not the ordinary folks I was used to.
And the funny part? I got home and found multiple calls from my
many different ordinary friends. 
Only know I've been so dwelling in the down that I don't much feel
like waking up my soul to tend to social sporaticness.

I laid there on the couch thinking, "There has to be something useful
to do..." and I knew it. I knew I had much to take care of. I knew
there were things that if I did them... I would feel so much better.
Things to do are like pebbles that pile onto your lungs. Before you can't
believe anymore you have to start lifting them off. Each of them
is small of course but once so many have gathered it takes a certain
subtle catalyst to jump start the process. 

I got off the couch and left the way I had come, without anyone knowing
I had gone or that I had been there in the first place. And I walked
home somberly but thoughtful but mostly in tired defeat I suppose. 
And then I saw to figures off in the distance. A purple sweater? 
It had to be...
I danced around a bit.
I watched their reaction.
I posed quickly. They posed back.
"Shell!" I called. 
"Chris!" They returned.
I was wondering when they would be back.
What a surprise.

I walked along with them. They were doing a circuit around
Arcata. We talked. I mentioned I was a bit down due to recent
social events. I should have felt better after getting to hang
out with them. But I felt more or less the same. 

Suddenly, as we had pasted Joy's place I heard stomping from
behind. It was Nicole! She had been trying to sneak up on me
but I found her out before she could catch up. 
I quickly played the role of social catalyst and introduced
Nicole to Shell and Jackie. And mentioned from the same egg.
Everyone was smiley and polite and it was nice to walk among
all of them. 

Nicole eventually went her way and I remarked about the social
catalyst idea. 

Eventually, we hit California Street near the East Side Deli and we
all went our separate ways. 

I guess it was nice then. Nice to have had all that happen while I 
was out. .... yeah.
Besides, it's always nice to get to be surrounded by beautiful

11:02 PM
I have that dull headache. It hurts right now then.
And I don't like having the obligation that I do at the 
moment. The sort of I have sent digital birthday cards
in the past and I skipped on occassion and suddenly I'm
the villan. It had to stop some time. Really.
Things feel hard right now and I'd prefer to just 

I'm writing around 11 again. It seems to be a strange trend.
I set my alarm for 12 so that I'll wake up closer to when I have to.
My class schedule isn't that far from that. 
Makes it easier to not have to wake up so earlier as I've had
to in the past. 

I can't really call it a night right now because I just slept
for some unknown amount of time. I was tired and my feet hurt
from all the walking and I just wanted to stop for a bit.
Part of me hoped I would keep sleeping until morning. 
But I didn't. 

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