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Final Day

August 3, 2006 Thursday Final Day
I did not sleep well last night and awoke tiredly trying to
get ready for a bio final. I walked through the cold to the class
and took the test. It wasn't that bad I don't think.
It's good to have 17 days to settle ideas gear up for fall semester
line up what to do with my time. And relax with some friends that are
finally back. Shawn returns Aug. 8 Joy returns Aug. 7 So Shawn
is a day after Joy. 
I hear some people will be leaving this place and I'll have it to
myself for a good portion of the time. Ah, the perks of hanging around.
It thrills me. Though it hasn't sunk in that I'm out of class.
Truly, during the summer I can balance the class feeling with enough
extra time to still do and think about everything I want to. 
That's the special aspect of it. 

Thoughtful as ever, I was thinking about where all triangle exist around
the time I was getting my sandwich made today. And I knew that it only
took half of the space where all triangles to exist to show every rectangle.
And when my sandwitch was cut diagonal there 2 triangular things were just
as I was realizing that the rectangles were made up of 2 triangles and that
I only needed half of the portion of graph to represent the rects.
So really I rect. was 2 of the same triangles put together. 
And that got me thinking about n gons and such... and information to define

Movies ought to come back pretty soon. I didn't do much while my bio class
and friends were back. I had those long elements of time when I was making
them every day. The drop off was just a break in the sea of progress toward
building an online presence. 

Making movies everyday can be a lot of work. 
So what where those ideas I had last before I halted?

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