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First Day

August 21, 2006 Monday First Day

It's strange how the social strained entries nestle along the
mathematical ones. I never stop. Never.

1:10 AM
Blogs have a tendency to become note pads as one clicks around
on line. 

Well are they?
Two guys walk into a large room.
It is pitch black.
One of the men is blind.
One of them searches for a while and switches on the lights.
The question?

Are they still in the same room?

1:45 AM That cheered me up. So well done. Well lite. well edited. well thought out story.Well acted. Gags were funny. Excellent work. Hats off to David Lehre. This guy 'is' a movie maker. I just happened to turn a cornder and walk through the depo and see 3 beatufil females sitting with Bryan. (spelling?) Yes, the fellow whom I sat next to in Political Science mere hours earlier was hanging about with 3 lovely freshmen girls. 7:07 PM I was startled to say the least but delighted to get a chance to meet new people on such a otherwise miserable day. It makes it so worth walking through there at that time. Well, I spotted Jackie and Shell out in the quad and found the book store still open so I decided to dash in while there were No Lines! and get everything. Blam! I was hungary so after I bought my books and was passing the candy ile I 'grabbed a snickers' as the commerical insisited. Well, that was the first known case of a commercial actually working on me. I heard their sloggan in my head and I just did it. I am amazed I didn't think I was dumb enough to fall for their trickery. But it's holding me over enough so I was happy. Leslie The one whom pointed out that I had something on my lip. Though it was very very small. Tony Elementary Education Major Dottie Wants to become a lawyer. Bryan Sits next to me in polical science class. Helped direct him to the guy who knew what LAN's might be going on. My one regart was that I did not get a picture of everyone. I wish I had remembed to print out those cards.

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