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Happy Birthday Brenna

August 19, 2006 12:26 AM Happy Birthday Brenna

HB Sister

Happy Birthday Brenna

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Happy Birthday Brenna. I know the animation isn't quite with it... but I've been under social stress lately and I haven't been myself. Well, enjoy your birthday and keep up the good work.
Oh my gosh... I think I figured out how to write this mean radius program...! How is this 'not' scientific exploration? Myth Busters Break Glass with Human Voice I gotta stop reflexively checking my e mail at 4ish am.. unless I have friends from across the globe I don't think I'll be getting any new mail. 2:57 AM I seem to be calming down a little bit. That's good because I'm going to be getting to bed soon and I might actually fall asleep. I'll be to sure to get up with my alarm. Or else suffer even more later. 3:47 PM I'm posting early so when I call my sister I can tell them to check the site.

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