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M: Duncans Visit

August 12, 2006 Saturday 3:53 PM Movie: Duncans Visit

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And so I happen to see Mr. Duncan again. Of all people never would I have expected to find him in my day after all these years. I sort of rushed the editing of the movie.
I call it training. I had posted the final page on my wall just as the door bell rang. I had some how knew that my guests were about to arrive right at that point. I just knew it. And so they became the first to see the work on the wall. I know there are stories behind how all my ideas unfold. And finding away to reveal them to myself and others was the mission at hand. I'm exploring the layout of my thoughts and taking a step back to study the significatence of every choice, every step and every mis step. Someone one asked me if I did math for fun. And I had no good reply at that very moment. So I thought about it later... and I noted I do it as a sort of training. I work out the mathematics the way athletes train for games. I'm constantly preparing myself for the day when I'll finally be able to draw it all together. Recently, someone had left a comment about the algebra movie. "just subtract them" he said. It would appear I have not exposed the real motivation behind doing it all. That must come out at some point in the future. But they mentend that was the 'easy' way and not the " complicated math stuff" And it hurt. Just a little bit. It's like the standard slap in the face. Chris to himself, "No no no Chris... just subtract them" Oh yeah that's easy. But why do I just subtract them? Oh yeah, how bout you answer what would it be like to suddenly remove graviity from the ball before you hit it? What happens then? ... 3:59 PM I'm sure I still have to go out and return a computer to someone. And buy a few things and I just wanted tonights movie to be in order. Because there 'is' stuff to put up.

"who is to say what the 'easy' way is before it was easy?"

I'm training myself to look at all the possiblities. Not just the easy way. The 'easy way' breeds stagnation. I look at every way and who is to say what the 'easy' way is before it was easy? It's all the same problem but the way I go about solving it yields an exciting multitude of possiblities to view the world with. Mr. Duncan and Son The only fellow I know whom works at JPL. (Jet Propulsion Laboratory) It was a place I could see from my High School back in La Canada Flintridge. I remember realizing the significate one cold school morning while I stood on the 3rd floor of my school looking out at it. Maybe, I'll work there someday. Bah. .... I sort of rushed the editing of the movie. I wanted to get some place but I also wanted to make sure to post. Now I await the file upload and I'll take off for my friends place as soon as it's done. Could have been a bit more put together and I would have explained about the GPS gray thing.

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