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Major Changes?

August 17, 2006 Thursday Major Changes?

I spent most of the next day sleeping in. 
I didn't want to get up. But by the time it was 3:04 
I could lay there no longer.

I have calls to make, to friends as well as certain
dental instituions. I have class schedules to look
up. And maybe I need to visit the campus math department
to ask about a change.

My shoulder hurts. And it's making it hard to move about.
I best work on a certain design again today.
Can I finish the thing?

I think I woke up from a dream where I was back in the pre Calc
class in high school. I reconized the teacher.
The dream was filled with me squirming in my seat not wanting
to be there anymore. I knew all this stuff. (by now at least)
So, it was waiting there and of course I couldn't even hear
what she was saying anyway. 

11:35 PM
And look at this... back at 11 something again.
Hmmmp. Looks like someone nice is going to move into D street.
A nice girl from some other country. Aww.

Radio Chris?
I ask Liz if I have a radio voice. I just might.
I could do a net radio show here and there. 
I'd best take a shower and call it a day... well that is I have 4
hours of being awake left anyway. Mucn to think about I suppose.

There was a lot of thinking about structures and machines going on
in my head today. I think I'll write more about it tommorrow.
But I was deeply in thought for a lot of a bike ride.
And while I sat playing guitar sadly infront of a sunbeam I noted
the circles created by the pin hole and thought quantum mechanics.
Mmm. Would have made a good picture.

Oh yeah, I found out what my summer class grades are.... It's genearlly easier to get A's during summer courses while still getting to do and to think about every thing you want. And have something to get you up in the morning for. I pulled a frame from the math movie. I thought it was a nice reflective type entry toward my little mathy work deal.

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