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Movie: What Algebra?

August 7, 2006 Monday 9:47 PM Movie: What Algebra?

What Algebra?

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It must have been all that math reading and my current attempts to learn new mathematics that did it. I decided to try for a algebra like movie... but I'm afraid the message was lost in the 'lack of a script' filming syndrome, well at least I attempted another educational movie. I hope that I will someday really make them educational and not just attempted educational. keyWords algebra guitar chris educational

I seem to come up with a lot of stuff while I'm in the shower.

I stood there in the water once more and realized how to prove a certain chord was the diameter of a certain circle. This was after drawinga all those isosceles triangles in them. I think the notion I have for explaining mathematics is to show how I precieve them. I imagine the maniuplation of the varibles to be like having the power stop time or maniuplate the laws of physics to ask 'what if' questions. I can imagine making the visuals look very interesting and perhaps captivating. Like freezing a frisbee catcher and discussing time as a varible. I began a new blog I have notions to turn it into a 'live' resume and focus for all things I can do for people. I wanted to catch the name first so I went ahead and forged it. Though presently it's in no condition to do anything with. I figure if I'm to do somethign different this semester I'll have to start by focusing what I can do for people and this is a step to make that more concrete.
Emily Works at "The Hole in the Wall" Sadie orders from her. They both live in the same house now. Calculations from the movie. I tend to not do so well with my mathematics when I'm scribbling them infront of a camera. Especially when the camera is like right in my way.

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