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My, not very well Written, Experience

August 22, 2006 Tuesday 7:10 PM My, not very well Written, Experience
I'm finally home.
I should write about classes and the events of the day 
but not yet. I have to deal with some things first.

9:52 PM
If I did a series of movies that teach things I could post the urls
on tear offs on posters on campus. Good idea?
11:02 PM
I'm sure I could come up with reasons not to live in a Utopia
since anything that extreme might have to include diminishment of certain freedoms.
Freedoms or good but are also destructive.
11:10 PM
How did my life get this way? Why is my day filled with
stern faced professors?
I'm considerably upset about a parameter dictated in the Psychology
class syillibus. I'd call it Academic Coercion.

11:22 PM
Well, the day?

It was starting out poor. But right after Psychology, the first
class of my day, as I kicked back and thought about what I was
going to use my time for a remark came in the form of a female

I turned and to my astonishment there stood a very beautiful,
soon to find out she's a 19 year old transfer, student. 
I wouldn't have guessed. 

We had a quick conversation. Somehow the whole, this is my third
year and I'm in GE with the idea that I'll be examining what I can
do with the information presented to me and making the most efficient
use of my time while I'm still in these classes. (The summer art class
was the perfect example)

We got up and walked with her out to the SBS building. We chatted.
I wasn't expecting to be lead on such a grand journey so suddenly.
I had told her how I haven't been on the bus and i needed to learn
and she said she would help me. I was very grateful.

And we just happened to catch a bus (ran to it) as it was pulling
up. It was fun. I pictured the whole scene as though it were some
movie plot.
It took us directly to were she slash we needed to go. A town
book store had the book I needed and one she did. And there I was
suddenly getting a book I had no idea I would be getting so soon.
I was dreading the chore of finding it but with her it was fun
and a bit exciting. 

We walk around a bit and visit a thrift store. A place I hadn't
been for a long while. I happened to find 4 roles of adding machine
tape for 1.07 dollars. And I was like, Whoa! I never expected to 
find this and I really needed it!

And then she asked if I was hungry and of all places she recommend
Ricos! And I was like Whoa! again. That's what I would have said.
I explained how I know friends whom live nearby and that's what I 
always get. 

We took the food to the community park where small children were
playing and ate on a sunny bench. It was a bit hot for me but I 
enjoyed the excursion and the wind and the company. 

And I insisted we walk back where we pasted D street.

Eventually we walk to her next class and depart for the day.

It was all quite exciting though unfortunately I'm not telling it
with as much detail or as excitement as I really could be doing.
The writing right now doesn't do it justice. If I was in a different
mood I'd be more artistic and metaphoric.


Well then... that's a day and it was long since I had
class up till 7... but now Monday and Tuesday are done
and the rest of the week is much less dense.
Ah that's better.

Look! I'm on a BUS!

I'd say 2.5 hours well spent. Thanks again friend. Really cheers me up after a bad couple of days.

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