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August 1, 2006 Tuesday 1:56 PM Rolling Thoughts

I've been talking to much today. Really I don't know what happened? And thinking too much. And I just happened to be more vocal than normal. I nearly blurted out that I noticed this lady I heard walking up next to me had a steps per second ration nearly twice as much as I. But I noted that she was still not catching up with me as fast. Better Notes? I thought about the efficiency in thinking out my ideas during those spare moments in lecture side topics and questions from other students. I keep imagining that line that diverges and re connects to indicate my thoughts and class activities (ie lecture) It turns my notes into a mishmash of my ideas and workings interspersed into the class notes. Another difference? I tend to go back to mine much more often. Math Major Avoidance factor I note things like I've really only had bad math lectures while here and I would go so far as to claim it's the average everywhere. And that is a big reason for why I'm avoiding being a math major. I may spend a major amount of my time working with mathematic concepts but I'm disgusted at the whole academic pursuit. Anyone can Grade I know I am to be discounted for one question on the bio quiz today. And I know I know the fact. And I'm thinking about walking up to her after the whole class is done not to get anything changed but to discuss the problem as a person to person. The thing is anyone can grade anyone. It's just that the difference is how much weight people put on the grade. Grade by a university? Respected right? Graded by a friend? Not so respected but the grade and the opinion may still exist. And still affect peoples judgments. I can grade and publish my findings on anyone I'd like. And that's a whole extra can of social and societal worms. Specialization for Me? I brought up the notion that I could just think about many different areas and purpose ideas and experiments and let whom ever is interested do them. I realize in a society of overspecialization this might be a good thing to do on the side. I'm saying, I've got a lot of ideas and I can set up the framework for... here's how to do this and that and here is what I think will really happen... but I don't know will someone do the experiment and find out? Get back to me on that. Moments of the day I'm buying my sandwich along with a drink and a candy bar and she asks, "Can I have those?" I said, "Well yeah, but I was going to eat them" (she needed to scan the items) I bet little moments of laughter are Always welcomed in everyday life. I guess I just happened to make more than the usual number of people laugh. And then some, ignition of inspiration. Binary DNA? After most people left the Lab today in Bio I sat about and brought my ideas about the information stored in DNA up. I explained how I was thinking about the 'life construction problem' the 'who knows how the structure is really developed? And how I was starting to think about simulations models for cells growth and how they collective bring structure together. GMO Fuss? Genetic Modified foods among other things were discussed and I realized how 'unpopular' my opinions on the topic were. Everyone hates them. And I could just feel the tension in the room rise. It got me thinking about technology and people. Good ol'fashioned Nano Tech People have a real problem with with humans using 'things that move' to produce products for them. Splicing in genes, making clones yatta yatta. I guess the only attractive alternative to have these thing with out the 'fuss' of the people is to go back to having machines make things because that's the way people keep their consciences clear. Oh if it's not alive than I don't' need to bring morality or ethics into it. Naw. Naw. Someday everyone will really wake up and realize the true facts. ... But that's for another time. ... There was once this little creatures that existed on the Earth. And they were all happily living about. But then these other creatures came and produced this noxious gas and it killed all the over stuff off. The gas was Oxygen and these were bacteria. But as I walked about after class I waved my arms and said... These creatures (humans) created this thing (technology) and it just happened to kill off all these other things. But hey... technology is a good thing right? I'm in awe at everyone whom feels the Earth has not got to stay the same. Gotta save these species and gotta keep this the same like they don't realize that the Earth really is doomed regardless of human intervention. Volcanos Asteroids the sun exploding. There's a time limit here. And if you were trying to preserve animal and plant life on a plant forever you'd best be aware of the ultimately futility of your efforts. Though you can enjoy it for some time.... like a really really long time. But ultimately you have to face the facts. If anything the human consciousness is going to allow things to stick around. Get off the planet and what not. Net Land Never before have people ordinary everyday people been able to talk so much to so many others from different countries. The net has generated this new ground for discussion and I hope. I hope against hope that we'll be lucky and have all these 'sane' people take charge and discuss and stop these crazy governments. It's the new common ground for which international cooperations can be forged. I really hope that it works. I hope the free flowing ideas save the world. I Choose without Choice People claim that a universe with out human choice would prevent justice from meaning anything. they argue, "how can we put killers in prison if they didn't 'decided' to kill?" And I say? We have this system. A system of society. A system of many of these complicated human machines walking about doing things. (With out choice but they don't know it) Some of those machines are destroying other machines? the rest of the machines don't like that so they are going to put those killers away. the end result is not whether or not the killers had choice but to keep them from killing. We have establish these machines are killing other machines. We have to stop them regardless. .. Why do I always read biographies autobios? I'm trying to figure out how the people that figured out got to where they are. I love to hear those quirky stories. Fenyman, Kary Mullis, and others. --Someone was interested in Neil you might be too. I should really do a movie on this guy. Prof. Neil Gershenfeld His site at MIT (there is a list of his books near the bottom) if you click on the picture on the right you can go watch video, see pictures and hear audio the movie Juggling Kids was my favorite .... The place to hear many diff people talk of things... One I listend to once <-- HIGHLY RECOMMENDED The book I read ISBN 080505880X ------

Why do I have to make my bed? I'll just get messed up again. oh yeah? Why do I have to eat? I'll just get hungry again.

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