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August 11, 2006 Friday 1:49 AM Slump

I did not manage to sleep the other night.
It caused me to wake up around 3 pm feeling like
it was early in the morning. 

I can sit here before a key board listening to the typing
and ponder of the topic I wake up into each day. Life.
Mine to be exact. 

"You know I just woke up and 'I want to talk to Malia'"
so I sort of did.
Hi Malia sound track. When your separated by time and space 
it's good to find a way to give someone your voice.
 It conveys so much more.

This Net Connection is really dampening my style. 
I use it to upload movies and it takes a long long time
since the only speed I get is 46 kbps while my friend
gets 200kbps and I don't even think she's on a different plan.

I calculated it would only be 36/2 extra dollars a year for my family
and then I'd be able to upload my movies at more than a crawl. 

====a letter to Mom
The only thing I'd ask for my birthday 
would be a slightly faster net.

After visiting a friend and noticing the huge difference in
online speed for a plan that's pretty much the same I realized
I can't go on like this.

I visited the SBC site and noticed that the speed I've been
measuring is below what they claim they are giving me.

I measure my speed at 46 kbps and they say their range is a good
Something is clearly wrong. I want to e mail them about this but 
I fear that ultimately they'll just say you need to upgrade
the account. 

I noted that it looks like you guys are paying the full price for
the net connection when Alex and I share it. But really Alex pays
out his half in the Power Bill. 

It all means that the next leave up is only 36 more dollars a year
when really it's half of that or about 20 more dollars. 
That's like me tutoring 3 hours a year difference. 

What I'm saying is I know SBC is ripping me off right now. And 
the problem might be the physical distribution system.
But basically we have a contract with them right? And they 
aren't living up to their end of the bargain.

You get the bill for this... so could you send me a copy of what it 
looks like? I have to make sure I'm arguing about the correct plan.



11:50 PM
In certain times I feel low. Depressed. Down. Tired.
Ready to call it a day. I found myself out else where
and thinking about the movie I wanted to produce and how
I'd have to bike back to home to do it but I had arrangements
to go to a social gathering. 
And I spent the time in between solving out the equations I had
set up a few days before. I note the patterns of geometrical analytical
thought building up. It occurs to me that given the greeks always
used the ol' straight edge and compass, that they were really only
using 2 equations to make all of their geo proofs. 
As I solved away I noted a pattern of equations were forming. 
I may be fuzzy on the idea at the moment but I do not all of 
Euclidian Geometry must have a 'certain look' when solved using
the Cartiesian coordinate sys and the equation of the line and a circle. 

I solved to find out my simple proof was right. x was indeed equal
to it's opposite counter part. And it was one of the few low high points
of the day. Success in that area faded quickly from my mind.

Today is a slump. And my head swims in it. All the while wanting

Strange though as I walk home somberly I check my e mail and am
told that Mr. Duncan (JPL fellow from High school CSP) and his son
were touring the West Coast. And they were somewhere in town as
of the moment. 
Well that was interesting. I read and shockingly picked up the phone
to call him.

I guess I'll be seeing him tomorrow then. And that was completely
out of the blue. 


Viannah said...

OH good! I'm so glad you got my message. Thanks very much for calling my dad. I really appreciate it. I hope you have a good time with him and Johnny.

I hope you're feeling better soon. If you need me you can always call and rant or whatever.

Anthony said...

Hi Chris,

I stumbled accross your mix of Blender video clips on Very cool.

Ended up looking up your website and now saying hello. (Listening to the Bunny Song at the moment.. regret clicking on that link :)

Caramel Guitar is much better... nice tune. Is that your own? Actually, I'm making a video for a coco-cola competition and would like to use that as the background music. It's just a 45 second short. Would you mind it I use it?

Anyways, interesting insight into your world. The internets great that way. I'm here in Cork, Ireland. Take it easy...


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