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August 5, 2006  Saturday 7:05 PM The Stuff NOT in Movies.

The ping pong ball leap back in forth intermittent with laughter
and physical and vocal gags. Another guy, somewhat athletic college
guy, installed larger speakers into his girlfriends car. 
I stood on a skate board and zoomed around a bit while they played.
And it's all blank. 

Blank when it comes to tape. I had no camera at the time.
I mourned the loss of this great short tale of a day that ran so well
in a totally unexpected way.
I was only riding to pick up some groceries when I was spotted by Kent.
How was I to know that what would unfold would be such an adventure
in itself? How was I to know I should have had my camera. 

But I took part in life regardless while pushing those pesky
thoughts aside and enjoyed my time. The only picture
that might exist now is the one in my head, and what ever else
I take from it.

"The only picture that might exist now, is the one in my head..."

Kent somehow spotted me on my way and called out. I stopped my bike and turned back and he offered macaroni and I said... yeah that's a good idea, went to go get my food and came back. Adam was there watching a movie. I ate. We visited friends next door. I got to lay in a hammock for a bit. And I noticed the serentic qualities of the day. It was great. It was a getaway. it felt so good to relax so completely for once, and to still have all that socialiable entertainment.

"It felt so great to relax for once"

And I walked next door to say hi to John among others whom were about. And Bob strolled in. And from there Kent and I visited Adam the one whom was installing the speakers. In the end text does not do justice to the memory. The emotion, that sunny quality, that feel of being in the hammock that suddenly 'there was all this unexpected activity, forged those odds and ends of moments into one triumphantly fun memory. it's the stuff summer days ought to be made of. It's the haven for the good life. I can't even figure out why people leave to go else where. I'd say those vacations. The true ones... are wherever you find them.

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