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Audio:The Chief of Police

September 28, 2006 Thursday 2:14 PM  Audio:The Chief of Police

Audio Interview with Tom Dewey

Tom Dewey (3min 43 sec) Chief of Police for the Humboldt State University Police As I walked past the library an officer in uniform asked a question of a nearby walker. "Would you like a Soda? Free Soda! No strings no agenda" Curious, I decided to speak to the fellow and the audio is here as a result.
No Not Lines... (my mathematical thinking continues) I don't intend to portay mathematics as the problem-solution story that is so often told to newly educated persons growing up in this society .... but rather a logical wandering amoung the many different connections and possiblites between rules and reason. While sitting down in psychology class this morning I had a revelation. I was wrong. Well, more like I wasn't using the right lines. ... It's continules humbling to pursue mathmeaticas in this manner. First, it's a reminder to never be too confident until the proof is the proof. As I walked about thinking today I realized I wanted to convey the whole mathematical journey thing. As I said, it's not the narrow problem-solution thinking that is intersting.. it's the noticing patterns and finding ways to see the world and sketch upon it's detials that makes the pursuit of mathematical understanding enjoyable. (I'm always reluctant to use the word 'fun' in accordance with somethign mathematical... because I tend to picture myself as an athelet preparing for the game when I think about working out the mathematics. Training. Is training fun? Ask an athelete.) Well, about the lines... Not that different I guess. Doesn't really change anything. Just nevermind. Other things... It is a good day. I'm installing a new OS on the laptop. Though I'm a bit nervous about the glitch in the screen I'm hoping that a complete install will fix it. ... I hope that's not just wishful thinking for I have no basis to judge on. I was out and about today. Feeling awake and glad for once. And then I got packages from the post office and cashed a check at the bank and returned home even after getting the Linux disk for the laptop. (Glancing off to my right I can see that the laptop is running Ubuntu much better) It's not really a mac anymore once this is done.
iMovie 6 has numerous effects filters. One frame of one trial caught my eye so I captured it...


twofingers said...

from now on you will be my everyday morning coffe addition :P better than newspaper...!

Dad said...

My laptop isn't a Mac anymore??!?!?!?


The red you looks like Hellboy.


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