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Cap a Tough Day with Bad News

September 11, 2006 Monday Cap a Tough Day with Bad News

I found this... David Copperfield Parody yep, That's basically what magic is if you knew how the tricks are done. 2:39 AM Search terms, journalism ethics,plagorism,propoganda I worry about cryptomnesia sometimes. Especially academically. AFTER A LONG HARD DAY IN COLLEGE CLASSES 7:44 PM I was already feeling bad. And then disjoint over social issues... But then I get home and I find a Jury Summons Notice. And this is the 2nd time I've gotten one of these. And now I feel sick. I even found a water bill that looks way too high. What gives? This is the second time this water bill has looked that high. What is happening? What is going on? ... I have to start managing my life better. I don't think my present skills are going to cut it for all that I want to do. ... 8:13 PM Attending telecom class is minimally helpful and maximally annoying. Not a good mix. And the fact it's at the end of a long day of being in class on and off since 11 Things don't feel good right now. They just don't. ... man and this mag. subscription bill is late already. Dang. I have to build a lot more stuff into my weekly routine. Do I even have one? .. 9:40 PM though reality can be hard to take sometimes I think the more events I put behind me will eventually pan out.

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