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Clock Alias Demo

September 13, 2006 Wednesday 12:22 AM Clock Alias Demo

Clock Alias Demo Clip

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Do you know what Aliasing is? It's when you have a signal but the rate at which you sample it makes it look like a different signal. ... maybe a visual would help more. ... You see in this clip I have a clock running at a constant speed and two shutters flickering at different rates. In on shutter the clock appears to move forward, while in the other the clock appears to be reversed. It's the same clock but each shutter provides a different view of the clock at different moments in the course of it's motion. On one further note I wasn't smart enough to come up with this visual metaphor. I read about this example in my Telecom book and decided to make a computer animation of it.
Response to a note: Thanks for the note. Yeah, I have been down. Even more so since I found out about other things. 'addicted'? I guess if someone fishes around long enough in the old posts they'll be wondering what's next. Lately, I haven't been my usual self so a lot of movie type stuff I would usually be doing isn't going on. It's a shame really. I get all these extra hits and I'm not putting out the goods. 2:43 PM I'm contemplating a skeleton journal. One stripped of the writings and left with the chronological events in a timeline order. I think I could write a program that reads the same output file in as input and modifies it. I don't like calendars because it's not always immediately obvious how far apart thins are. Somethings look like they are further away than they are. One would have to count the days to be sure and it's inefficient to me. I want to just scroll through a timeline of past and future deadlines. Besides, I think a lot of the use of keeping track comes from when and what happened on a certain day. I might even elaborate it to organize my work better. 10:21 PM It turns out that I'm ALSO summoned to an LA Jury. Imagine that.? two summonings in two different places. I was begining to think I was going to make a movie today too. But it's going to have to wait. Though I think that if I go on my little adventure tomorrow I'll have plenty of interesting footage. 10:44 PM It's getting late for me to do this but I wanted to exhibit the Clock Alias metaphor. 11:32 PM I did it. No back to school work.

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Considered YouTube for your video hosting?
It might be a good thing.. I don't know..

Peace be with you, sir!


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