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Equations and Video Chats While Sick

September 22, 2006 Friday 1:15 AM Equations and Video Chats While Sick


Much of what you learn comes from the experice of having to pull somthig
off. To do that... you must seek out and apply skills and knowledge you
do not possess at the begining.

Much of what you learn isn't in the class room but the trials and
motvations that lead to other things.


3:57 PM
If you start to feel sick... it's a good time to rest up get home
and sleep and tend to matters. 

SIDE Thoughts
There are some equations stronger than others.

The Pathagorine theorme and other geometric equations
are very strong and based on aximatic thinking from 
opening prepositions. 
They form a foundation of mathematics without influencce from
outside pressures.

Some equations, say parts of statical analysis do have
values taken to be 'traditionally used' as in the p value.
There isn't a proof for the value but a rule of thumb to use
.05 or so to indicate enough differecne.
The fact you get a value is okay though. It's how willing are
you to belive results given the final number produced is up to 
human choice.
So, though equations are formed well... the final conclusions are
influnced by people. 
The outcomes are not as strong as the pure geometries existant
in the many diff. geometrical analysises of the world.

Physics equations describe patterns in nature and are generated
in sort of an ad hoc way at first than used vigirously as though
the opneing ones are 'true' for the sake of useage. 
While there is powerful evidence to indicate that the world those
equations represnt is correct they are not supreme and on questioned.
Newtons equations explain the world as we see it as regular human 
beings walking around... but Einsteins principles and Quantum mech
describe the world on much more fundamental levels and manage to 
explain 'this one' (the one we see) by deriving Netowns equations
from their theories. 

I love noting to myself THAT IF the classical Newtonainian view is easy
for people to see as 'the world' than all one would do to help support
a larger more encompassing theory is to derive Newtons equations from
that theory. In other words, I equate preception of the world as we know
it to be Newtons equations.

Physics seeks to explain the world the best it can and in doing so
the equations are mere pattern representations that are secondarly to
the overall objective. The secondary nature of mathematics in physics
causes physics to take short cuts, finick the detials and take and 
leave the equations as they see fit. 
F = ma is not as solid as a^2 + b^2 = c^2
Since F = ma has to answer to real observation where as
the p. theorem does not. (noting the diff. geometries that can be produced)

And What I especail don't like to see....
is someone making up a bogus equation that sort of has reasoning
but.. not really. When all varibles are built in on a whim and
there is no regard for underlingy support.

(There was an equation that proclaimed to help you decide when to 
get gas on your car trip that I critized for being complicated and
not founned on anything that i could see.)
It's misleading to think complicated equations are special just
becasue they are complicated.

So... if I point out to myself correctly....
The Strenght of an equation is based on...
1 Rigours reasoning and support (aximatic with clean postulants that are carefully choosen)
2 How it's ultimately used (equations in physics are like sketchs of the world)
3 how much human's can influence the outcome of it

Based on the critera my hair cut equations would not be a good one.

on other notes...

The Uses of mathematics or the attuitude about them could
be very mechanical or very creative.

Making correct Change is strickly operationally based and
.... mindless really. 

Large Imaginative Theoretical Mathematical theories...
are on the deep end but not without their charm.

There's some place in between where people seek to
paint the boundry between 'math that doesn't matter' 
and 'everyday math' 

I picture it like the place where land meets the sea.
I love to walk along the shore while watching how
the deeper mathematics interacts with the world.

7:43 PM

It was amusing to finally get a video chat with someone other than my 
family. Even more so since I'm trying to ignite a company with this guy.
We converse more regularly and I pointed out that regular acknowledgment of
goals helps one not to forget.. so things are moving in the right direction.

I feel tired still. But I also think theres things I could
should be getting to but am not. .. I'll give it a rest though even
though somethign nags at me... I mean I was thinking I would visit
Redwood today. But maybe a call would work too.

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