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September 30, 2006 11:30 AM The Game
Distraction and Procrastination.
Well, I realized that if I'm working on somethign I 
want to do. And then I have to stop for school reasons.
I've never made a note about what it is. And what I 
want to come back to. BUT, if I did. Then maybe I 
can fight that distraction and forget reflex. It's the 
same one that once things get busy I tend to forget all
the things I have to do... or I go back to the school things
and any one of my projects is forgotten. 
Perhaps, I can manage things more effectivly by noting the
task, last date of operation, what I want to do or still do,
ultimatly objective AND when I'll start work on it again.
Because 'then' I'll be able to say.. "yes I know I'm not working
on those things I want to work on but I'll start up again ...
next weekend"  That provides a way back in or a tag that prevetns
one from getting to distracted and never returning. 

1:39 PM
I fixed it. I finally fixed the screen problem on the lap top.
Victory feels good. Triump. yes.

Note the messed up video bars in the left image.
And now they are gone. Ahh good stuff.

10:08 PM
I'm not at Emilies party.
I'm home with a tummy ache.
I'm browsing through memory lane and it cheers me up 
a little bit to see all these old classics.
And to clean out some stuff to make room for more movies.
I'll attack and clean up the Break stuff pretty soon.
It's basiclaly 40 Gigs of material that I haven't really
done anything with. It will be good to have the space back.
Maybe, i"ll pull pieces out to use.

Amoung the things I was looking through I came accross the old 
Giftrix Movie. I also found the visual script I made for it.

The Visual Giftrix Script [pdf file]

It was the movie I mad to accompany the gift I gave to Joy last
year.... I think it was last year. I've know her for at least 
a year by now. 

I actually brought her a blanket at the game today. Before I left
we spoke a little.

At the Game Talking with Joy

At the Game [mp3] 5 min 28 sec Look. Look. A game is going on. I have a small urge to mix together a movie for today since I did collect clipage of it. But naww. It all can wait.
Cheerleaders... cheer lead. These are the other teams. The Lumber Jacks didn't seem to have anyone out there. Shaking hands before they all tackle each other.

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