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Head Ache Day

Septmeber 20, 2006 Wednesday 11:03 PM Head Ache Day
My head hurts so much that I can't function for the rest
of the night. I'm going to just have to go to bed and hope
that I feel better tomorrow. 
That said, there's not much motivation to write though all
day since I gave my quick voluntary presentation on sites
on the net I got to go up and demo wiki,internet archive, wayback machine,
and youtube even though I didn't do any specail movie for it.
I think I was memorable.  Well... people applauded at the end so 
I did something right. 

Though this is the day I have to bike down to the post office to
send mail certified. And then hangaround campus waiting for a policcal
science Constitution day gig. 

I have to write a paper about it. But since my head hurts it's tough to 
write .. right away... is things have to wait. 
I tried to take medicine but I gagged a bit.

I think after that positive injection success I was off walking about
and thinking about a whole lot of things. And so my mind was on 
high gear with Area D Social Science ideas. It all bleeds together 
even as I sat listening to presenations from a Humboldt Count Defence
Attorny and a Relgions Stuides major after some survey results were
presented by students. ... they didn't seem as well put gether or as well
presented as they could have been.

11:09 PM

I noted earlier as I walked by the quad some older fellow 
decrying the place for not stopping the cyclist from biking through
the quad and stuff. I even walked back past and saw the officer talk
to a cyclist then come back to say he couldn't talk about this with
him anymore. .... And I think.. now what is she (the cyclist) going to 
go off and tell people? Who she was singled out but only I saw the 
full story unravel. Welll... not the full story but I coudl see that
she wouldn't have been stopped had it not been for the old man complaining
to the police. I wonder what happened?

I studied pollitical theory for much of the mid part of the day.
In prepartion for a test that now will be on Monday. It makes
no difference to my study schedule.
Oh yeah, I also printed prop papers.

Well, the day would have been fine except for the headache.

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Hi not a comment on this post but keep up the movies I LOVE THEM


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