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Mov. Happy Birthday Me

September 25, 2006 Monday 9:57 PM Mov. Happy Birthday Me

Happy Birthday Me

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It's my birthday so I state the fact in a movie.
Stressed is not a thing I like to be on my birthday but here I am... stressed. And it's due to all the tests coming due around this time. ... My birthday just happens to be right around that time when tests are so it's never very fun. I wish I could just upload to blip and have their converter work so that my Xvid encoding just shows up in flv. .... I'd back of of the uploading to youtube because really it's just a hassle only, people find the movies there and not from my blog. (this thing) So, it's just one big pain to have to upload 2 or 3 times to post one movie. I was excited to find out that the lab macs had webcams built in. It was exciting. The best moment of the day. (The day didn't have a lot of good moments)
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Happy Birthday lad.


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