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Mov: Talkin Head

September 21, 2006 Thursday 11:38 PM Mov: Talkin Head

Talkin Head

When was the last time you were a talking head?
I feel exhausted and I think it might be a bug. Ack. Today is over anyway. So I'll just sleep it off and hope to feel better in the morning. It was like in the middle of the day as I walked to my bike to ride home when I realized I should just ... be a talkin head asking viewers what they thought I should do in movies.

What would people like to see me do in movies?

blender video how to's and explainations? physis movies? mathematical investigations? Daily life? movie making tips? I'd like to know what is most wanted. anyway, I've been compling and working with gpasm in order to set up a way to program microcontrollers on my machine. Goings are slow and I'm compiling a lot of stuff but have yet to really figure out what I'm doing about microcontrollers. ... Today I caught Wes and got my Physics 316 binder back. I enjoyed reading over the Guitar Music entry. I really need to make that movie. .... It would be so cool. Ah, that's a day. NOTES from while in LAB today And if Liz gets sick and needs money I would start a fund drive to Save Her Like if she needed 200,000 for surgery or med expenses and I do a human interest piece on her. Then I could prove that people can leverage the common good and collective to support people they care about. and that the community can do a better job than going to private self-supporting industry interests. Another demo that it 'CAN' work that the ana. arg. means things about people and people in a position to help should help but aren't required to. .... my mind has been a blaze with ideas I think. It's a strange feeling. The feeling of thought. I can sense when my mind is on overdrive and filtring and thinking about many different issues and jumping around them. Mostly right now it's on "The Humanity Machine" and politcal theories. And reminders of "The Push for Thoughtfulness" .... I had a note that some people enjoy movies I make and encourage me to keep doing them.... that's a good thing. So I should try and deliver. least acknowledge them and why I don't make them all the time. .... something like... I could do more movies... that were by default on daily life. I could do that but I usualy filter out a lot and make a movie with a purpose. But I 'could' Does the audience want me to make a boarder range? I'm listening. The thing about having vloggers keep track of the news is that one could conceivable talk to them and it's much better for more and more people to take control of the net as a medium for a 'larger democracy" or perhaps a better word would be critical citizenship. .... I find myself more relaxed but feeling good when I'm allowed to pursue my thoughts to their full extent. Though I'm not alawys up to it... nor was I always spending time on things in the past I take a larger part of my time to work on the stuff that matters. I have a habit of rising to the challenge and making a movie when I firmly belive it matters. I've been influcence recently by a lot of things. Even the text based messaged movies. Coin Levy and the Redhat one. more notes later.... END NOTES

How was that Talkin Head thing done?

Oh, without going into great detail. I first collected a movie where I kept my head in one place the whole time. Trying to minimize motion. I use GIMP to punch a hole out of that background movie. ... technically what I'm doing is collect a mask where the white represnts a bunch of pixels of 1's and the black part is bunch of pixels with 0's So that when I go into Blender I can Multiply this mask with the movie and punch out my face. Since the MUL option of the Scene Sequence Editor means multiply pixels of images together the black (0's) create more black in the movie while the white (1's) leave the colors alone. In other words, it's like punching a hole in the footage. Nice eh? Blender always me to play my movie in the camera view so that I can keep track of the actions while I animate to it. I can load an wav file to be my voice and animate on cues from that too. The IPO curves are somewhat complicated but the premise is easy. Punch out my face. Stick it on a card. Move the card around and get a strange 'talkin head' movie. Biggest problem? I didn't get a clean punch so it was really annoying to have the white line on my right side. (CAM Right) Dang. Next time I'll use some black cloth to hide the edges.

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Anthony said...

Hey Chris,

Love the Blender stuff, so more videos like that would be cool. I'm going to make a birthday video for a friend, and was thinking of compositing 3D with live video.

Also, some beginners guitar lessons would be great.... I've two guitars and not a clue how to use them.



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