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On the Bus

September 14, 2006 Thursday 10:02 PM On the Bus

On the Bus

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I had never really taken a bus to anywhere. Not by myself not for a cause. But I finally did it. After putting off the thing for so long. Least now I know how to get into the next towns over.
There's no place like the bus to remind you about all the people who can't afford cars. That is unless they choose to ride the bus anyway. The whole thing took from 4 to 7 before I was back at my door. But I had succeeded. I guess it's not that special. It's just something I avoided doing for a long time. But as I walked about in the Mall for the first time by myself... I really enjoyed it. For the first time I'm in the mall not being pulled this way or that or having to catch up or find people. It's just me. Just what I want to do and just where I want to go when I want to go.. provided I'm back at the bus stop at the appropriate time. The kinds of people I saw there. It struck me. I watched as the bus driver leapt out to help a mother put her stroller right side up. Seemed like people really care. ... dang it, it took 3 and a half tries to get the screen shot of the movie up. What is up with these net resources lately? I still have to tend to much homework. grrr. Stuff takes a lot of time to do... it's too bad that never comes across when people visit the page. .... I don't always like to use youtube for my movies because you can't download the movies from them and sometimes I don't want all the extra commentary when I know my movies aren't really made for it. Besides, I have to upload a 15MB file twice on a 54 kbps connection. It's not always worth the time. youtube also has a bad habit of messing up the quality of the image. It gets to me sometimes. I'd prefer people to just have the Xvid codec and watch the clip directly.

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