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September 17, 2006

September 17, 2006 Sunday 1:32 AM

Welp, the hit counter crashed back to normal.
I knew it. I also knew I wasn't putting up the regualr 'good' stuff.
Least, not fast enough to hold any interest for anyone out there.
I'm sure I'll have a decent line of good movies on some other blog
of mine and perhaps then... it will be worth it for someone to come 
It's a shame though. But I knew it would happen.

6:46 PM
If this was me writing in my journal the old way I'd mention
that I biked out to return a biology book to Jacob. It took
me near the Arcata Fair where I locked up my bike and walked 
around a bit. Then rode to Philly Chees Steak place for dinner.
And rang Joy's doorbell. No one there. And then I'm mention
how fun it was to visit the Aqua house and talk to Marshmallow.
Before I went to Westwood Market to buy soups for the week, plus
a salad because I need things like that to keep myself alive.
Nope. The journal these days doesn't have stuff like that written
in it. 
It's more.... just brief notes and explelling of 'the tough times'
I find myself in these days.
But someday, it will all lift and my readjustment will be complete.

I suppose now that I'm back in I'll nap a bit... regain the strenght
after that long outting and set to work on my academic stuff before
perhaps doing some of my own work. 

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