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September 24, 2006

September 24, 2006 Sunday 1:36 AM
Polar Graphing is one of my favorite past times.

2:38 AM

Woo! I'm getting better at my trade.
I just played a sound file without actually playing the sound file...
It's very cool to be able to access the data and really understand
what I'm doing for once. Now, I'm on my way to making that humming software
as long as I can figure out the algorithms....

12:46 PM
There's a peaceful sweet spot in the morning... before I really get frazzled
I'm calm and can tend to things with clarity.... I should meditate or something
later in the day .. but useally I'd rather take that afternoon nap to 

10:01 PM
Headache... but more like ready to call it a night..
only.. I spent the day working out Telecom homework and Study
and now.... I have Poli Sci to do... but it's not like I didn't
do some of it before... it's just now it's really hard.

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