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September 7, 2006

September 7, 2006 Thursday 
I used to think that I was going to go into business
and do everything by myself... but I quickly found out
that the only way to successful be in business was to 
utilize all the resources others put out for you.
That's like saying.. I went from thinking I had to design
all my own stuff to... go out and find out what everyone
could do for me and use that its best effect.

So, I use PayPal for monetary transactions not only because
it's easy but because it works in multiple countries.
I use cafepress and lulu for print materials and reproductions
of items I design.
I use and work on open source solutions wherever possible.
I use various video hosting for the movies.
Basically, I started doing everything with little to no money
down and just the time and energy put into the skills to pull 
myself up.... though that hasn't happened yet.. I think it 
can. And I need it to. ... Soon.

I was thinking about how the web was really made up of
particular popular sites. They become the reason to 
keep coming back to this or that when not just searching
out information. 

1:27 AM 
I've obtained a newer version of Jahshaka and the free version of Icarus
I'm on my way to total Open Src Media development.

9:01 PM

Note on Facebook vs. Myspace
"I see FaceBook as a cleaner and more filtered database 
for knowing people where as Myspace is more of
 a ad hoc do whatever see what ever be bothered by 
whom ever. I think facebook has research potential."

9:52 PM
Eh, I know the hits are going to fall back down. I should go 
back to work as though not to much has happened. Where was I 
then? I think I was in the process of opening up like 6 new blogs
to divide the ideas amoung them. 

10:34 PM
I have a very strong urge to make and post something
but my headache is telling me not to.
Oh well.

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