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September 8, 2006 Friday

September 8, 2006 Friday 
I teach myself CSS Style code in the computer lab after
the SE meeting. No one really understands what to do
for the Software Engieering class project. Since now
there's only 4 people to do the whole project we're pretty 
much together on it. Even if 'all together' means we 
have no real idea what to expect. 

==== in fact I wrote down some thoughts that occured to 
me after the meeting while sitting in the computer lab
it's overwhelming that every student I meet is bascial
slanted toward calling their class work pointless.
It's not that they don't have good reasons for calling
it pointless...

1. It's just a class.
2. It's for a grade from some guy.
3. You don't care and won't really do a good job anyway

But it's work.
Don't you think that if you do work it should matter?
What makes work matter?

The way I see it we have all these people writing and
working and researching but society isn't gaining anything
from it. They're just 'doing it for their grade' and at
best it's not always that great... but
if you say..

No, I'm doing this for me and for humanity or society or
to use for the future than yes it's worth doing many times more
than 'just for class' And at the same time good work
is rewarded in the class regardless of why you do it.

Think about it.

A paper you got a C on might contain really interesting ideas
regardless of the grade someone gave you.
That same paper could be electronically published and
discussed and become more than what it once was.

So why write for the class... 
when you can write for everything else?
The professor just happens to be 'one' of the people whom
sees the paper. 

Why stop there?

There's motivation where ever you find it.
Make sure your working for a 'real' purpose.

I think this all mostly comes in respose for weekly 
mega research papers I have to write for the SE class.
I felt that if I was going to spend a lot of time on
them I may as well make the best of it. 
There's no logical reason not to.

I got on the idea of making essay movies. 
After I research and think and write I could make
a movie that presents what's in it and gets someone
to want to read it. A promo for a paper?
Just thinking marketing style. 

My other classes are not getting enough attention 
as usual. The hardest most demanding class takes
the most bite out of my educational drive.
it's hard to pull myself up to handle other

But I have to.

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